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How to wash nursing baby's nose

How to wash nursing baby's nose

Young moms are often faced with a situation where an infant simply need to release the accumulated mucus from the nose.

As if afraid you may be, free breathing and child health is more important!

Remember that the medicine prescribed for mucous, will operate much more efficiently once you begin to wash an infant's nose.

You will need

  • - sea salt
  • - Broth chamomile or sage
  • - syringe
  • - Vaseline oil
  • - Cotton pads or cotton wool



During the washing of the nose and throat mucus is removed, dried crusts, dust. Irrigate breast to kid nose in an upright position can be whenKid confidently holds golovku.Dlya washing nozzle, prepare a solution that will wash out a nose. For this fit warm boiled water with the addition of sea salt (2 h. Tablespoons per cup of water). This solution helps to quickly remove the swelling and destroy the infection. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile or sage, eucalyptus, calendula.


In the rubber syringe type prepared solution.


Lift the baby in an upright position and hold over a basin. child's mouth should be opened so that he choked on the liquid flowing on the nasopharynx and tongue.


Type solution into one nostril. At the same time, first click on the syringe very easy. The baby used to the fluid in the nose and only then it is possible to enhance the jet.


Make sure that the child's head does not throw back back, and angled slightly to the outflow of water. Repeat manipulation to the second nostril.


Very small children wash the nose followssposobom.Polozhite baby on his back and drip the prepared solution using a pipette. Fall into a small amount of the solution, the child simply swallows. Many bury the fluid can not be that there was no risk of the solution getting into the Eustachian tube and did not provoke inflammation of the ears. After washing, clean the baby's nose with a cotton bundles or with a rubber bulb try to suck the remains of mucus.


Place the changing table near the cottonballs or cotton wool, mineral oil or steamed normal sunflower and cotton tank used to at the most inopportune moment does not look right thing.


From cotton balls or cotton braid 6 flagella(Turundochki) a length of 5 cm and a width of 5 mm. Flagella slight dip in oil, so they are easier to tip included. Carefully screw the flagellum in the nostril up to 2 cm in depth, and then pull out.

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