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How to wash your baby's nose


How to wash your baby's nose</a>

Young moms often face a situation where a cold breasted baby needs to release the spout from the accumulated mucus.

No matter how terrible it may be, free breathing and the health of the child are more important!

Remember that medications prescribed for the mucosa will be much more effective after you begin to rinse your nose with a baby.

You will need

  • - sea salt
  • - a decoction of chamomile or sage
  • - syringing
  • - Vaseline oil
  • - cotton wool or cotton wool



During the washing process, mucus, dried crusts, dust are removed from the nose and nasopharynx. Rinse the breast to kid Nose in an upright position is possible whenThe baby is already confidently holding the head. To rinse the spout prepare a solution that will wash the nose. For this, warm boiled water with the addition of sea salt (2 tsp to a glass of water) will do. Such a solution helps to quickly remove puffiness and destroy the infection. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile or sage, eucalyptus, marigold.


Type a prepared solution into the rubber syringe.


Raise the baby in a vertical position and hold it over the basin. The mouth of the child should be opened so that it does not choke from the liquid flowing down the nasopharynx and the tongue.


Put the solution in one nostril. In this case, first press the syringe is very easy. To the baby used to the liquid in the nose and only then you can strengthen the jet.


Watch that the child's head does not tilt back, but was slightly inclined to drain water. Repeat the manipulation on the second nostril.


To very small babies, wash your nose with the followingPut the baby on your back and drip the prepared solution with a pipette. Getting in a small amount of solution, the child just swallows. It is impossible to dig in a lot of liquid so that there is no danger of getting a solution into the Eustachian tube and does not provoke inflammation of the ears. After washing, clean the baby's nose with cotton wool or with a rubber pear try to suck off the remains of mucus.


Put the cotton wool around the swaddling tableBalls or cotton wool, petroleum jelly or ordinary parboiled sunflower and a container for used cotton wool so that at the most inopportune moment not to look for the right thing.


From cotton balls or cotton wool, twist 6 flagella(Turundochki) with a length of up to 5 cm and a width of 5 mm. Flagellum slightly dip in the oil, so that they easily enter the spout. Gently twist the flagellum into the nostril for a maximum of 2 cm inward, and then pull it out.

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