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How to wash a fluffy blanket

How to wash a fluffy blanket

The warm fluffy blanket - an indispensable attribute of the personification of comfort.

It can be used as a blanket, but even better - wrap myself in it when it's cold outside.

But a blanket - no duvet, duvet covers on it does not put on, so if you have used them, sooner or later the question arises, how to clean or wash.

What kinds of blankets

The degree of fluffy rug, of course, depends on theHe is made of any material. Acrylic blankets, even though they are completely synthetic, not just fluffy - they are soft, light, warm and very practical - strong and not afraid of moths, not fade for a long time and retain their original appearance. They are good for children's rooms, because it does not attract dust and do not cause allergies, in addition, they are easy to wash and dry.
Fluffy blankets made from pure wool, they are notonly beautiful, but also can help you recover from a cold, because this natural material is able to accelerate blood circulation, relieve back pain and joint pain. The most "useful" for health - blankets of untreated wool dyes and chemicals. Fluffy yarns from which the weave rugs, made from wool camel, sheep or llamas. Most soft natural - cashmere blankets, they do not cause allergies, but their price is high enough. You can buy a cheap and practical fluffy blankets made of cashmere with synthetic fibers, in appearance and quality in no way inferior to natural.

Care fluffy rug

Terms of care for a blanket you can see on histags. The easiest way to take care of acrylic blankets - are recommended for delicate machine wash in warm water. It is best to use when washing rinse, then fluff after washing does not stick together and stay in the same plaid fluffy.

If the rug is not placed in the washing machine, soak it right in the bathroom, adding shampoo into cold water and vinegar.

Luxury cashmere blankets and thosemade of natural wool, it is better not to wash, and give to the dry cleaners. You can clean a blanket and at home. To do this, first shake it to remove dust and hair, if the blanket was chosen together with you and the cat. Pour 2 tablespoons of tea shampoo for hair and 1 teaspoon of vinegar in 100 g of warm water and a good hammer mixture until a thick foam. Then evenly distribute it across the surface of the rug with a soft clothes brush. Once the foam has dried, vacuum the rug, using a special nozzle. Moisten with vinegar in water a soft, clean cloth and wipe the surface of the rug, then comb it with a soft brush and repeat all manipulations, turning the blanket on the other side. Dry the blanket, spread out on a horizontal surface.

Blankets made of camel wool can not be dried in direct sunlight, but in the shade.

If you want to wash a wool blanket, doit should be in cold water with a special detergent designed for washing woollens. Pressing blanket after washing can not, put him on board a bath to the water glass, and then spread out to dry on a flat surface.

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