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How to wash a fluffy plaid


How to wash a fluffy plaid</a>

Warm fluffy plaid - an indispensable attribute and the personification of home comfort.

It can be used as a blanket, but it's even better to wrap it in it when it's cold outside.

But a blanket is not a blanket, you do not wear duvet covers on it, so if you use it often, sooner or later the question will arise, how to clean it or wash it.

What are rugs

The degree of fluffiness of a rug, of course, depends onOf what material it is made of. Acrylic plaids, although completely synthetic, are not only fluffy - they are soft, light, warm and very practical - durable and do not fear moths, do not burn out, and retain their original appearance for a long time. They are good for children's rooms, because they do not attract dust and do not cause allergies, in addition, they are easy to wash and dry.
Fluffy rugs make and from pure wool, they are notOnly beautiful, but they can help you cure a cold, because this natural material is able to speed up blood circulation, relieve pain in the back and in the joints. The most "useful" for health - rugs made from dyes and chemicals of wool. Fluffy threads, from which weave plaids, are made from the wool of a camel, sheep or llama. The softest of the natural - cashmere plaids, they do not cause allergies, but their price is high enough. You can buy cheaper and practical fluffy blankets made of cashmere with synthetic fibers, in kind and quality, not inferior to natural ones.

Care for a fluffy rug

The rules of care for a rug you can see on hisTab. It is easiest to take care of acrylic plaids - they are recommended for delicate machine wash in warm water. It is better to use a rinse while washing, then the villi after washing will not stick together and the plaid will remain the same fluffy.

If the plaid does not fit into the washing machine, soak it directly in the bathroom, adding shampoo and vinegar to the cold water.

Dear cashmere plaid and those whoMade of natural wool, it is better not to wash it, but to give it to dry cleaners. You can clean such a blanket and at home. To do this, first shake it well to remove dust and wool, if this plaid together with you was chosen and cat. Pour 2 teaspoons of hair shampoo and 1 teaspoon of vinegar into 100 g of warm water and beat the mixture well until a thick foam forms. Then evenly distribute it on the surface of the rug with a soft cloth. After the foam has dried, vacuum the plaid using a special nozzle. Dampen a soft, clean cloth in water with vinegar and wipe the surface of the rug with it, then comb it with a soft brush and repeat all manipulations, turning the rug over to the other side. Dry the rug by spreading it on a horizontal surface.

Plaids from camel wool can not be dried under direct sunlight, only in the shade.

If you want to wash a woolen blanket, doIt is necessary in cold water with a special detergent, intended for washing woolen products. Press the plaid after washing it is impossible, lay it on the side of the bathroom to water the glass, and then decompose for drying on a horizontal surface.

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