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How to wash a down jacket on the fluff

Wash down jacket the best in the washing machine

Down jacket is one of the most beloved andpopular things in the wardrobe of almost every one of us. Down jackets are beautiful and comfortable, they are warm and weigh almost nothing, which is especially important in the winter when you have to wear a lot of clothes.

They have just one disadvantage? they are easily and quickly Mara, and every spring, and even a few times a year, the issue arises before the mistress? and how correctly to wash down jacket, so that it is not corrupted in the process of washing.



Of course, the easiest way to pass the jacket to the cleaners,but frequent dry cleaning can cost a pretty penny, and guarantees that the process of cleaning your jacket does not hurt, no. Simpler and easier to learn how to wash his own, absolutely nothing difficult or unusual in this process is not the main thing to observe all necessary safety precautions and recommendations.


Soak before washing down jackets do not need themYou can just lay in the washing machine and turn on delicate washing at a temperature mode, not exceeding 30 ° C. The compartment for the best powder add liquid detergent, it is much easier then will wash out fluff. If your machine has an additional rinsing cycle, it should be inserted immediately, because to rinse after washing down jacket should be at least three times. This helps to avoid white streaks along the seams of the product and in the first wash will need to wash more and industrial dust, which in your down jacket is more than enough. All locks, zippers, buttons before washing is necessary to fasten to prevent damage and deformation of the jacket. To fluff is not lost in clumps in the machine before washing is necessary to put a few tennis balls, from about three to seven. In the process, they will break down and will not let him gather into a ball. Squeeze quality down jacket by hand you can hardly, so pressing it will need to be typed in, or have to use for this purpose a special centrifuge.


Drying feather deserves a special word. It is best to do it in a special machine for drying clothes. The most appropriate would be the program which offers a small turnover. Do not forget to add in the aggregate tennis balls, which will break down, make a down jacket soft and homogeneous. If the dryer and you do not have to be dried down jacket in the air, it is best to do it on a hanger near a heat source. During the drying process have repeatedly beating fluff hands, paying careful attention huddling lumps. But do not overdo it, usually feather material impregnated with special agents that prevent getting wet product. When mechanical stress protective layer is disturbed, and in the future impregnation, more and more will skip moisture. Before using the down jacket, make sure that it is well and completely dry. Nedosohshy jacket will emit an unpleasant smell, and it may even be got mold.

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