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How to wash a cat


How to wash a cat</a>

Cats are very clean animals and wash themselves, cleanse, lick, but still the cat can get very dirty, and then you need to wash it. What to do in this situation?

After all, some cats are afraid of water to death.

You will need

  • Soap or shampoo, soft brush, comb, deep basin (if any), a small towel and soothing, primarily for yourself.



The cat needs to be summed up in this process withTranquility, do not need to make sudden movements, much less forcefully throw a cat into a bath and ruthlessly pour from the shower. Take into account that, with a sharp hit of water, the cat can grow up and, scratching everything in its path, try to escape wherever it goes.


Carefully place the cat in the basin (if not then in theBath), putting down a rubber mat so that the cat is not slippery. Close your ears with cotton swabs. Eyes should be protected with special ointments, if available (if not, then watch out for water not to get into the eyes). And, wetting a rag, start rubbing the dirtiest places. After the surface becomes the most moist, you can apply shampoo (preferably zooshampoo).


After applying the shampoo, you need to walk gently with a soft brush throughout the body.
Also at this point, you can comb the fur of a cat, if there are knots or knuckles.


Get out the shower and, without a strong pressure of water, wash off the shampoo. If you do not completely wash the shampoo, then the skin of the cat will be irritated, and the coat may become dull.


Wipe the cat with a towel, and also dry the hair with a hair dryer (10-15 minutes).
After a shower, the cat needs to be kept warm. If you release the cat outside after a shower, it can get sick, since the undercoat retains moisture for a long time.

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