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How to wash a cat

Cats are very clean animals and ourselves are washed, cleaned, lick but, all the same cat can be very dirty, and then you have to wash it. What to do in such a situation?

For some cats to death, afraid of the water.

You will need

  • Soap or shampoo, soft brush, a comb, a deep bowl (if any), small towel and a sedative in the first place for yourself.



Cat need to sum up the process withcalm, do not make any sudden movements, and even more so to throw a cat in Shiloh bath and ruthlessly to water from the shower. Note that, the sudden presence of water, the cat can be reared and scratching everything in its path, try to run away from the valley.


Carefully place the cat in a bowl (if you do not have it inbath), laying down a rubber mat to cat was not slippery. Close the ears can be a cotton swab. Eyes need to protect special ointments if available (if not, be careful not to get water in the eye). And soaking a rag, start to rub the most soiled places. Once the surface is the most moist, you can apply shampoo (preferably Zoo shampoo).


After applying the shampoo should be careful to walk with a soft brush movements all over the body.
Also during this time, you can comb the hair cat, if there are knots or tangles.


Take a shower and no strong pressure of water, rinse shampoo. If you are not completely wash away the shampoo, then the cat is irritated skin and hair may become darker.


Wipe the cat with a towel and dry the hair a hairdryer (10-15 minutes).
After a shower, the cat should be kept in warm conditions. If you release the cat on the street after a shower, then it may be ill, as the undercoat retains moisture for a long time.

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