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How to wash a blanket


How to wash a blanket</a>

There are many types of blankets, as well as ways, to clear stains from them.

Simplest ? To hand over a blanket to a dry cleaner.

But if you have a washing machine and your blanket is placed in it, then there is nothing complicated in washing the blankets at home.



Washing the wool blanket.

Before washing the blankets, be sure to checkLabel, you can still wash it or not. If washing is allowed, and there are no restrictions, then start washing. For the beginning, treat the stains on the blanket and the edging with a special stain remover. This procedure should be done very carefully, do not overdo it. Then twist the blanket into a kind of roll. Soak the resulting roll, about 15 minutes in cold water. Wash costs when the middle mode. If you erase by hand, then stain the stains in cold water with your hands. Then change the water several times. After washing, never wring out the blanket by twisting. For drying, first let the blanket drain. Take a large towel or sheet and soak the blanket in it. Finally, dry the blanket, stretching it along its entire length to its original size.


Washing the nylon blanket.

Nylon blankets are washed, unlikeWoolen, in warm water, do not treat with stain removers. Chemicals contained in cleaning products can destroy the structure of a blanket made of polyurethane foam.


Washing of acrylic and cotton blankets is no different from washing ordinary linen.


Wash cotton, down and sintepon blankets.

Before washing, fold the blanket into a pillowcase. Next, wash them in a washing machine. Just like wool blankets, these blankets can not be squeezed. Otherwise, the filler will roll down.

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