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How to wash a blanket

How to wash a blanket

There are many types of blankets, as well as ways to clean stains from them.

Simplest ? hand over the blanket to the dry cleaners.

But if you have a washing machine and your blanket is put into it, there is nothing complicated about the blanket wash at home.



Washing wool blankets.

Before washing blankets sure to checktag, it can nevertheless be washed or not. If washing is permitted, and there is no limit, then proceed to wash. For starters treat stains on the blanket and edging special stain remover. This procedure is carried out very carefully, do not overdo it. Then twist the blanket into a kind of roll. Soak the resulting roll, about 15 minutes in cold water. Wash stands at an average mode. If washed by hand, then rubbed stains in cold water by hand. Then a few times and change the water. After washing in any case do not press the blanket using a twisting. For drying, first let the blanket drain. Take a large towel or sheet and blanket soak through it. Finally, dry the blanket, stretching it along its entire length to the initial size.


Wash nylon blankets.

Nylon Wash blankets, unlikewool, in warm water, do not treat the stain remover. The chemicals contained in cleaning agents can corrode the structure of the foam blanket.


Laundry acrylic and cotton blankets is no different from normal wash clothes.


Wash cotton, duvets and blankets sinteponovye.

Before washing, fold the blanket in a pillow case. Then wash them in the washing machine. As well as blankets, these blankets can not wring. Otherwise, it rolls up the filler.

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