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How to heat water in a plastic pipe


How to heat water in a plastic pipe</a>

With the onset of winter cold, owners of country houses and cottages quite often face the problem of freezing pipes of water pipes.

And since recently plastic pipes have been used to build these pipelines, it has to be done with the water freezing in the plastic water supply system.

You will need

  • - a wire made of hardened steel with a diameter of 2-4 mm-
  • - construction hydro level (as long as possible) -
  • - a mug of Esmarch (enema) -
  • - insulating tape-
  • - hot water
  • - a bucket-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - two-core copper wire-
  • - plug for socket-
  • - pump or compressor-
  • - hose-
  • - a rigid plastic pipe with a crane at one end-
  • - a barrel for one hundred liters-
  • - 100 liters of boiling water-
  • - A boiler.



Align the steel wire. Expand the hydro level. End the steel wire with a loop. Using tape, attach this loop to the end of the hydraulic tube, but it should be done so that the level head protrudes by about one centimeter. Then tape the tape and tape the entire length. The second end of the hydro level is attached to Esmarch's mug. Steel wire with a tied tube hydro level push into a plastic pipe with frozen water. Propihivayte until you rested in the ice. Using the enema, enter the hot water and, as the "cork" melts, push the wire inwards Plastic Pipes. Put a bucket at the end of the pipeline, because as long as you enter hot water, the same amount of cold water will flow out of the pipeline.


Remove the top insulation from the copper wire. Then remove the insulation from one wiring, and the second one, which is in isolation, gently fold in the opposite direction. At one end of this wire wind the bare wires five turns. Wind up so that the coils are densely located near each other. With the help of nippers, bite off the excess end of the bare wire. From the end of the turns retreat approximately three millimeters and bare the second wire, winding it the same way as the first time. At the other end of the copper wire, attach the plug. As a result, the device turned out, which is popularly called "burbuljator". Poke the copper wire into the plastic tube until you hit the ice, turn the "burbulier" into an outlet and lightly push the wire through Pipe (It is necessary, that the bare end of the device was at the very "stopper"). When you feel that the wire is "falling through" in Pipe, Push it further. After you unfreeze about a meter of "plug", use a compressor to pump out the water and continue to defrost further.


Insert the plastic tube into the frozen plasticWater supply so that the end with the tap is outside. Turn on the pump and pump the boiling water through the used plastic pipe into the water supply system. Put a bucket under the tap and drain the cooled water (it can be boiled, poured into a barrel and pumped through a pump to the water pipe to defrost the "plug"). Continue to thaw the water until the "cork" disappears, alternating with the supply of boiling water and draining the warm water.

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