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WALLPAPER Toilet: select subtlety

Wallpapers for the toilet: the subtleties of choice

Decorating the bathroom with wallpaper every day becomes more and more popular. Technical characteristics of modern moisture resistant fabrics almost no way inferior to ceramic tiles.

But do not rush into buying the first available under the arm of wallpaper for the bathroom, because when they are selected it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.

Choose wallpaper is only for their quality and performancepracticality wrong. We should not forget about the aesthetic side of the finishing materials. The correct color of the wallpaper is able to bring harmony in the interior of the premises. In addition, in the toilet, you can use a variety of colors, even those in which the combination of other premises is not allowed.

Features selection of wallpapers for the bathroom

Wallpapers as wallpaper for the bathroom shouldwithstand regular wet cleaning, so you need to choose washable. High humidity prevailing in the toilet room, leads to the formation of plaque in the form of fine sulfur dust viscous, which is also known as a mushroom house. Get rid of it completely impossible, so the surface of the walls in this room needs to be cleaned regularly with the use of household chemicals.

Mold on the walls can also be removed with the help of the usual soap, which includes alkali adversely affects the development of bacteria and fungi.

Among the huge range of wallpaper for the bathroomYou can choose the fabric from oilcloth covering. They can be fabric or paper-based, self-colored, with drawings. You can also find oilcloth wallpaper made in a transparent plastic film.

Well maintained frequent wet cleaning vinyl wallpaper. Besides the fact that they are well washed, they are not afraid of moisture, temperature and household chemicals. Also, they are difficult to scratch.

An excellent option for toilet facilities areBackground intended for subsequent staining. This allows not only change the color of the walls, depending on the desire of general relativity, but also to paint over wallpaper, lost their appearance.

Staining of each new layer should be darker paint to prevent radiographic old layer.

Additional finishing toilet wall

In addition to the wallpaper for the walls in the toiletYou can use the additional decorative elements, which act as borders and friezes, manufactured in different designs and colors. They can be difficult to revive the interior of the premises, and to hide the transitions arising from the use of several kinds of wallpaper.

Borders are essential to separate parts of the wall, each of which is decorated with different wallpapers. Fixing is carried out directly on the frieze of the upper edge of the cover.

Pasting wallpaper the walls requires the right choiceadhesive, for which you need to use a substance having antibacterial protection. Use of the wrong adhesive helps to create an additional medium for bacterial growth, and prevent this is by no means impossible.

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