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Wallpaper for small room: the choice of the subtleties of

Wallpapers for a small room: the choice of the subtleties of

Many designers agree that create comfort in a small room is much harder than in large.

To please his tiny room view, it is necessary to correctly issue: a small space does not forgive mistakes!

The interior of the small room: Wallpaper

Particular attention should be paid to the decor of the walls,since he and sets the basic "note" of the interior. The most common option for the walls are wallpaper. There are several common elements in their selection.

For a small room wallpaper should be:

  • only svetlymi-
  • without picture.

Wallpaper dark shades uniquely "stolen"approximately 40% of space. However, this is only general recommendations. Designers recommend, if necessary, to go to a certain "risk". For example, the wallpaper for a small room can still have a print, but it must be very small and located strictly vertically.

Basic colors wallpaper for small rooms

Wallpaper for small spaces should bemonophonic and bright. The choice of colors is very wide. An important rule: the wallpaper should be light but not white! The best colors are: peach, cream, pale yellow, bluish-green, light beige, light blue.

When choosing the color of wallpaper is important not to forgetroom lighting. If a small room is dark, choose a warm color, and if well-lit - cold. The specific color of the wallpaper is selected based on the color of furniture, large accessories and textiles.

Picture wallpaper for small rooms

As already mentioned above, for a small wallpaperrooms can be small vertical pattern. Discreet vertical pattern visually enhances the wall up. However, the print can be positioned both horizontally, but only if the room boasts high ceilings. If you plan to decorate the walls of many paintings, stop the choice is still on the plain wallpaper.

Texture wallpaper for small rooms

For small rooms is better to choose a texturewallpaper. They can be absolutely any: even a slight relief in the form of a "matting" the power of visually expand the space. Wallpapers with texture create drop volume and a kind of shadow play, thereby giving the impression of more space.

Further increases the space wallpaper with a glossy surface. The ideal option is wallpaper with silk-screen printing. However, there is one caveat: shiny wallpaper make the room uncomfortable.

These simple suggestions will help you to "carve out" a few centimeters and visually enlarge a small room.

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