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WALL finishing panels under a rock

Wall finishing panels under a rock

Successfully used worldwide wall panels for several years now confidently hold the palm and in our market of finishing materials.

Wall panels simulate various natural surface such as stone, are undemanding and are easy to use.

Wall finishing panels not only have aattractive appearance, but also are environmentally friendly and durable thanks to the fiberglass, a part of their composition. The panels have good heat resistance and Fire safety. Also, they are much cheaper and natural materials do not cause difficulties in mounting.

The use of wall panels in the decoration

Wall panel under a rock used tovarious kinds of coatings. Most often they are used for interior decoration and their components, such as fireplaces. under the stone panels are used for decoration of balconies, as well as caps and facades. The panels do not have much weight, thus avoiding additional load on the foundation, they are resistant to natural influences. In addition, they serve as sound insulation and thermal insulation of facades.

Sen panels are classified as group sandwich panel materials. They are easily installed without additional fasteners and provided lock-clip securely locks them among themselves.

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The walls, lined with natural stone lookvery impressive. But it is fun is not cheap. The technology used in the manufacture of wall panels under a rock, led to a public decoration. Large assortment of panels makes it possible to pick up good finishes for a wide variety of interiors.

Production of wall panels

The wall panels are made today on the basis ofPVC, particleboard and fiberboard. Achieving resemblance to a stone slab is possible not only due to the patterning, but also because of the texture panel. The panels perfectly simulate various kinds of expensive natural stone and brickwork. Often after the completion of the installation the panel lining is difficult to distinguish from natural stone. The impression of a homogeneous solid surface.

Wall panels under a rock and let the squarerectangular. With their help, the home owner can carry out their design ideas. Panels can be mounted side by side on the plane, creating a uniform surface, and it is possible to experiment with seams, having, for example, "herringbone". plastic flex property allows you to draw from it three-dimensional surface: grottos, caves, cliffs, that will bring flavor to the design of the living room, hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

Base wall panels that mimic the masonry, mostly PVC, but for the exterior and facade panels are used on the basis of thin metal.

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Finishing wall panels under the stone give the house a beautiful and unique appearance.

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