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Walkers: benefit or harm to the child?

Walkers: benefit or harm to the child?

The older it becomes an infant, the more he wants to explore the world, so only do this to the development of walking skills obtained only in the hands of mothers.

And in this case, the parents are the assistant walker about the benefits and dangers of which there are many opinions.

What is a baby walker

This device, resembling in appearance childrenhighchair, but much smaller in height. At the base of this frame has wheels, by means of which this facility and moved around the apartment where the child is pushed from the floor legs. But if the chair seat hard, then it resembles a backpack walker, so the main burden falls on the lower body and legs rather than your back.

There are various models of the walker, as representing a normal frame for the movement, and the whole gaming systems, equipped with bells and sound effects.

The use of a walker

For mother is now saved asIt allows at least for some time to rest his back and arms, and to do household chores, while the child is engaged in the development of the world. This is another plus and walkers: the more tactile contacts, as well as the new information, the more satisfactory intellectual development.

Walkers provide children's safety, do not allow the child to reach dangerous objects, as well as protecting it from falling.

Harm walker

Opinions of physicians and consumers about the dangers of walkersrather contradictory. Those who are supporters of the natural development of the child, they say that to force it through the walker, passing the stages of self sitting down, upheavals in the stomach and back, and especially putting on feet should not. The reason is that the child, feel the charm of the vertical development of the world does not want to attempt to self-development of physical and just waiting for when the parents put him in this device. But that is not all. A much greater danger lies in the fact that disturbed posture and proper foot posing as a baby walker a child leans forward and pushes with his fingertips, but does not set foot on the floor completely. That is the traditional walk this position far enough. And one more important disadvantage is that when driving in the walker a child does not comprehend the feelings of danger, as completely protected from falling, but it's not too good, because later may have problems in this area, when he starts to walk by himself.
So, in a dispute about whether a walker, use neededor damage to them, you can do without them, there are no winners or losers. The decision to take each parent alone, but when buying a walker it is worth to realize that in all important measure, and all day to keep the child in them is impossible, even if we assume that they are completely safe.

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