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How to wake up on January 1 with a clear head

Good idea, right?

Celebrating the new year for many Russians, as a rule, it ends with a heavy hangover.

How to avoid such unpleasant consequences?

Russians are used to celebrate the New Year with an unprecedentedscale: lush food, presentation, explosions of pyrotechnics and plenty of alcohol. Let's look at a step by step sequence of actions that will help to avoid the hangover after the celebrations chic.
•; just a few hours before the meal, you need to take a contrast shower for the activation of the blood vessels.
•; Throughout the New Year's Eve, use only one alcoholic drink. Yes, this condition is difficult to observe, but the result is worth it.
•; reminisce spree. Mark the approximate dose of alcohol that does not bring unfortunate consequences for your head.
•; Citric acid - the best way to withdrawal syndrome prevention. Use this if drunk excess glass of.
•; during celebrations periodically go out into the fresh air. Oxygen contributes to the conclusion of alcohol from the body.
A few simple tips will help you to spendan unforgettable New Year's Eve. Keep in mind that a cultured person does not set a goal to drink as much alcohol as possible. Communicate with guests, enjoy the process, think of different ways to diversify the feast.

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