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How to wake up in a good mood

How to wake up in a good mood

They say, if the day in the morning went wrong, nothing good do not wait on him. All wrong, all wrong, and in the mirror you are not smiling.

This is not positive, but much less efficiently if the afternoon waiting for grandiose projects.

Day passes are reluctant, probably would have to get home, to get into your favorite slippers or curl up on the bed.

To wake up with a smile, you can follow a few rules.

You will need

  • Comfortable bed, nice linens, Aromaessential oils, foam or bath salts, blindfold for sleeping, alarm clock with a nice melody, great coffee, music CDs with the sounds of nature, a good movie or book, diary with the plans for the day and a little imagination.



The first-time charge - goodthe mood in the morning. In this case, charging is not seen as an exercise, but as a program for relaxation of the body muscles. Perform it should be half an hour before dinner. It will help: calm the nervous system and relieve stress, get rid of the fatigue accumulated at work, relieve the pain in his back and neck.


A walk in good company, good filmat night, a bath with aromatic salt - all this will also help to relax and have a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep. If the trip is not possible, properly ventilate the bedroom, and at night in warm weather can leave open a window or balcony.


Use before bedtime aroma lamp with essentialoils, patchouli, lavender, ylang-ylang. Until you start to fall asleep, you can quietly listen to music with the sounds of nature, to make it easier, use a timer for the music center to 10 -15 minutes after playing the music turned off.


Now let's talk about sleep, restful sleep - is notOnly a good mood in the morning, but also the need for the proper operation of the complex system of biological rhythms of the human body. It is desirable to maintain eight hours of sleep, the principle of "today I sleep 3 hours and 10 tomorrow" - is misplaced. The efficiency and mood are directly dependent on sleep. You can use a bandage on his eyes to sleep, so you do not interfere with the light that is included in the apartment or from penetrating windows.


There is a saying: "Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do even today." Waking up in the morning like to "clear his head" rather than "raging" on all issues at once. Therefore, we can try to resolve the backlog of cases, especially cases that you are unpleasant, it is better to quickly resolve and not to postpone. Otherwise, the load will move smoothly from tonight to tomorrow morning. Alternatively, the night before, make a plan for tomorrow cases, waking up in the morning, you will know your schedule and nothing to worry about.


Finally, let's say about the very morning. It would be great if your alarm clock play nice tune or make funny sounds. You open your eyes and smile .... You can choose several options from the list:
• sing a favorite song: "What a wonderful day! What a wonderful tree stump! What a wonderful song and I, my, tra - la -lya -lya "!
• Sweet reaching to say 'Hello morning, hello day, I wake up is not laziness, give happiness morning, I drive away the bad weather! "
• Go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say - "Well how can you not love such a beauty" There smeshinki and you will be pleased, and self-confidence for the whole day rise. "
Next, an invigorating shower and a cup of excellent coffee, and good humor will remain with you for the whole day.

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