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How to wake up in a good mood


How to wake up in a good mood</a>

They say that if the day has not gone off in the morning, then do not expect anything good from it. Everything is wrong, everything is not right, and the reflection in the mirror does not smile at you.

This is not at all positive, and even less fruitful, if grandiose projects are waiting in the afternoon.

The day passes with reluctance, it's more likely to get to the house, get into your favorite slippers or curl up on the bed.

To wake up with a smile, you can follow several rules.

You will need

  • Comfortable bed, pleasant linen, aroma lamp andEssential oils, foam or bath salts, a blindfold for sleep, an alarm clock with a pleasant melody, excellent coffee, music CDs with nature sounds, a good film or a book, a daily schedule with plans for the day and a little imagination.



The first, evening exercises - a pledge of goodMood in the morning. Charging in this case is not considered as a physical load, but as a program for relaxing the muscles of the body. It should be done half an hour before dinner. It will help: calm the nervous system and relieve stress, get rid of fatigue accumulated at work, relieve pain in the back and neck.


Walking in a pleasant company, kind filmFor the night, a bath with fragrant salt - all this will also help to relax and will have a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep. If the walk is impossible, properly ventilate the bedroom, and at night in warm weather can leave a window or balcony open.


Use before bedtime aroma lamp with etherealOils, patchouli, lavender, ylang-ylang. While you begin to fall asleep, you can quietly listen to music with the sounds of nature, so it was more convenient, use a timer on the music center to play 10-15 minutes of music turned off.


Now let's talk about sleep, a full sleep - it's notOnly a good mood in the morning, but also the need for the proper operation of a complex system of biological rhythms of the human body. It is advisable to maintain an eight-hour sleep, the principle "today I sleep 3 hours, and tomorrow 10" - is inappropriate here. Efficiency and mood are directly dependent on sleep. You can use a blindfold on your eyes to sleep, so that you do not interfere with the light included in the apartment or piercing from the window.


There is a good saying: "Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do even today." Waking up in the morning I want with a "clean head", and not with "bubbling" on all issues at once. Therefore, you can try to solve the accumulated cases, and especially the cases that are unpleasant to you, they should be quickly resolved and not postponed. Otherwise, this cargo will smoothly move from today's evening to tomorrow morning. As an option, prepare a plan of affairs the previous evening, waking up in the morning, you will certainly know your routine and do not worry about anything.


Finally, let's say about the morning itself. It would be great if your alarm clock played a pleasant melody or made funny sounds. You open your eyes, smile and .... You can select several options from this list:
• Sing your favorite song: "What a wonderful day! What a wonderful stump! What a wonderful song I am, trail-la-la! "
• Sweetly reaching out to say, "Hello morning, hello day, I'm not at all lazy to get up, give me the morning of happiness, away the chase of bad weather!"
• Go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say - "Well, how not to love such and such beauty!" Here, the smiles will please you, and the self-esteem for the whole day will rise. "
Further invigorating shower and a cup of excellent coffee, and a good mood will stay with you for the whole day.

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