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How to wake a man in a man


How to wake a man in a man</a>

So often from somewhere you can hear: "He's not a man, he's a rag!". Any woman dreams of a man-defender, wants to feel like a stone wall.

And in the end, you have to worry about him as a child and solve all his problems yourself.



How many do not inspire him that he should beMan, how many do not say that he is a rag, it is unlikely that something will change for the better. Rather, it can piss and make him go away forever. In such cases, actions will help. Turning to any request to a man, most often there is no result, because we do not wait for action on his part, but we do everything ourselves. And he got used to it, he likes it, and he absolutely does not want to interfere and change the state of things. Because of what he hears in his address statements that he is not a man at all. In this banal situation, it is not worth taking the initiative and solving all the problems. Let the man do it, but you can spur him, responding to his requests just as he does his masculine duties.


Often a man after several years togetherLife ceases to take care of itself, there is a stubble, disorder in clothes appears. Probably, it already is necessary to tighten force in a shower and to force to use a deodorant. He did not give a damn about anything, he relaxed, because he knows that you can not escape from him any more, no matter how he looked. Jealousy can help. Try to make him jealous, returning from work a little later than usual, just visit with friends after work cafes. Observe the reaction of your man, wake him a man.


A man can be a coward, and it's justDisgusting. It is clear that after stumbling into a crowd of drunk people going to seek adventure, it is better not to react to them, since there is nothing more terrible than aggressive and inadequate personalities. But if in broad daylight unsubstantiated insults are heard in their address, it is not a sin for a man to give an offender to the eye. If a man can not intercede, he is not interested in who and how offended you are, he is not a man at all. But if he just got scared, you can get out of the situation by persuading him to enroll in either a gym or martial arts. Time it takes not so much, but gives confidence and courage.

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