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How to wake up in a man man

How to wake up in a man man

So often somewhere heard: "He is not a man, he was a rag!". Every woman dreams of a male protector, wants to feel like a stone wall.

But in the end it has to be worn with him as a child and solve all their problems on their own.



What does not inspire him, that he should beman, how many do not say that he was a rag, this is unlikely to change something for the better. Rather, it can make hopping mad and make it go away forever. In such cases, rather help action. Referring to a request to a man, most often there is no result, because we do not wait until the action on his part, and do it all yourself. And he's used to it, he likes it, and he did not want to interfere and change the status quo. Because of what hears in his address saying he was not a man. In this banal situations it is not necessary to take the initiative and solve all the problems. Let it make a man, and it can whip up in response to its requests in the same way as it carries out its responsibilities for men.


Often a man after several years of jointLife stops for a look, there is a bristle, shown carelessness in dress. Perhaps it already accounts for the force to tighten the shower and make use deodorant. He was all spit, he relaxed, because he knows that you have from it will not run away, as if he did not look. It can help jealousy. Try to make him jealous, returning home from work a little later than usual, just visit with friends after work cafes. Watch the reaction of his men awaken in him a man.


A man may be a coward, and that's justdisgusting. It is clear that, having come across on the evening crowd of drunk people coming to seek adventure, it is better not to respond to them, as there is nothing worse than aggressive and inadequate personalities. But if in broad daylight heard unfounded insults in the address, there is no sin in a man to give the offender the eye. If a man can not stand up, he was not interested in who and how offended you, then he is not a man. But if he's just afraid of the situation can get out, persuading him to record either in a gym or on the martial arts. Time it takes not much, but it gives self-confidence and courage.

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