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VOLUME thin hair

Volume on fine hair

Very fine hair lacks volume, they simply do not hold. Often, owners of fine hair want to have a bulk packing.

This is possible, but it is necessary to follow some simple rules.

Before you begin the installation, basal area of ​​hair need a little sprinkle with thermal protection, as in laying styler be used.

It is necessary to divide the hair into small strands, andGently lift each of them to put on the roots of hairspray average fixation. If for normal hair this technique is usually enough, a little polish for fine hair. Therefore, you will need to give your hair volumestyler also for stretching and smoothing hair. It is necessary to very carefully fix the styler at the root of the hair strands, slightly lifting them. This method extends the life of the resulting volume, but at this stage it is important not to overheat the hair. Overheating can cause hair stylers their fragility.

The resulting volume of hair strands need to share a little with your fingers and put them lifting at the roots. So styling will look very natural.

Hair after laying it is advisable not to comb, and once again not to touch. After such a placement at the end of the day you need to wash your hair in no case can not go to bed with lacquer on the hair.

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