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Vitamins to be taken in the spring


Spring is a great time of the year. It is at this time that everything wakes up and begins to live. But, unfortunately, with the onset of spring, our body becomes extremely weak. Therefore, we need to help him recover. As a rule, there are vitamins in which our body needs. Let's talk about what vitamins should be taken in the spring.

Vitamins to be taken in the spring
The most important "spring" vitamins areSuch as: C, A, D, E and all B vitamins. Now let's look at each of them separately and find out which products contain one or the other.

Let's start with vitamin A, which is also calledVitamin of beauty. Agree, with the onset of spring, the state of your skin is by no means the best. It is with this problem and help to cope with this vitamin. To make up for it, you need to eat such foods: milk, fish, liver, carrots and eggs. Their list, of course, is much larger, but this is the most basic and affordable. It is also important to remember that alcohol interferes with digestion. Therefore, exclude alcohol during its reception. In addition, vitamin A is best taken together with E. They have a beneficial effect on each other and enhance their effect on the body.

Vitamin C. It's no secret that he is the most important assistant in the fight against colds. It can be consumed both in the form of ascorbic, and in such products as: citrus, sauerkraut, green vegetables. Remember that those women who have problems with gout and salt deposition, extremely dangerous excess of this vitamin.

Vitamin D will improve the condition of bones, hair andNails. As a rule, it should be taken with calcium. It is found in all dairy products, as well as in sea fish and sea kale. Note that this vitamin is needed by a person only when there is no sun.

Vitamin E is also very important to use in the spring. It contributes not only to the neutralization of toxic substances, but also gives excellent energy. Agree, this will not hurt in this period of time. A lot of this vitamin is found in all green vegetables, as well as in milk, eggs and sprouted grain.

All B vitamins are necessary in order toSaturate the body with oxygen, strengthen the nervous system and restore protein metabolism. You can find it in meat, fish and cereals. In his reception there is one small nuance. A woman taking hormonal contraceptives, vitamin B6 is not digested, so you need to take it separately.

In addition to vitamins, the body also needs some trace elements, namely: in potassium, calcium, selenium, iron and magnesium. They can be obtained both from foods and from complex vitamins.

To avoid beriberi, you need not onlytake vitamins, but also rational to eat, as well as the right to distribute the work and leisure. Great benefit will bring hardening. All this together will help cope with the spring blues and avoid colds.

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