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VITAMINS for the skin: retinol in cosmetics


Vitamins for skin: retinol in cosmetics</a>

Retinol, or true vitamin A, is one of the most valuable substances for our body and it must be included in the "diet" for the skin.

Means with retinol are among the mostDesperate fighters with signs of aging and other skin problems, of course, if the cosmetics is selected correctly, and all the laws for the use of retinol and its derivatives are carefully observed not only by producers but also by consumers.

The working percentage of retinol in cosmetics is small- the effect starts from a concentration of only 0.5% of vitamin A. This is sufficient for dry skin, women with normal and fat-prone skin can use cream and with 1% retinol. More "heavy artillery" can be in the arsenal, if there is a strong belief that the skin will withstand such a test. In any case, it is better to give the skin rest from the effects of vitamin A and use the medication with it for one to a maximum of two months (depending on the individual reaction), then taking a break.

Using the means with retinol, it is necessaryFollow the level of moisture of the skin, take care that there is a restoring agent next to it (for example, with vitamin F), timed the course for the autumn-winter season and remember the sun-protection factor. Vitamin A is rapidly oxidized, therefore, it is better to give preference to a cream with a dispenser and a closed tube than a regular jar. Well, if the cream contains and tocopherol acetate - vitamin E prevents retinol quickly oxidize.

A separate question is whether to use the funds withRetinol in the eye area. If you do this, then with caution, since there is a great risk of getting dryness, irritation and wrinkles. These unpleasant consequences can appear on the whole face with excess retinol. Cosmeticians even talk about the so-called retinoic dermatitis - a special form of individual intolerance that manifests itself with the first application of a cream with vitamin A. This is a sharp reddening and flaking of the skin, even in areas that have not been in contact with the remedy.

Among the successful remedies with retinol can be called,In particular, Vichy LiftActiv HA Advanced Concentrate (1% retinol), Derma E, Vitamin A and Green Tea Creme (0.5% retinol), as well as La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes, designed specifically for the supersensitive skin of the eyelids. In addition, get the retinol skin from home masks with sea buckthorn, carrot or strawberry oil.

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