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How to visually enlarge the space in the room?

How to visually enlarge the space in the room?

There are a few rules to increase the space.

you can visually make the room wider Using color, furniture, lighting and other interior objects.



With the optional lighting can bechange the size of the room. You can set the lights on the shelves or in the ceiling. Hang bra or put a lamp in the darkest corner of the room. Increase lighting is also possible by means of high-gloss surfaces.


It is best to choose light colors, they are visuallyexpand the size of the room. For example, beige or light gray. Also, the furniture should be bright colors, which will be combined with tones of the walls and ceiling.


Do not clutter the space furniture. It can also be used in a transformer room cabinet, which occupies a small space in prefabricated form.


Textiles must be made of light materials and light colors, then there will be a greater sense of space in the room.


Sometimes, to increase the use of space full-length mirror. But do not hang them very much.


Some use in its interiorpartition to separate the sleeping and the workplace. They can be made of almost anything: from the external components of shelving for books, plasterboard, of glass shelves.

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