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How to visually increase the space in the room?


How to visually increase the space in the room?</a>

There are several rules for increasing space.

With the help of color, furniture, light and additional objects of the interior, you can visually make the room wider.



With additional lighting, you canResize the room. You can install the light bulbs on the shelves or in the ceiling. Hang the sconce or put the lamp in the darkest corner of the room. You can also increase the lighting with glossy surfaces.


It is best to choose light colors, they are visuallyWill expand the size of the room. For example, beige or light gray. Also, the furniture should be light colors, which will be combined with the tones of the walls and ceiling.


Do not overload the space with furniture. You can also use a transformer cabinet in the room, which in a prefabricated form occupies a small space.


Textiles should be made of light material and light tones, then there will be more sensation of space in the room.


Sometimes to increase the space use mirrors in full growth. But do not hang them very much.


Some use in their interiorPartitions to separate the sleeping and working places. They can be made from anything: from hinged elements, from bookshelves, from plasterboard, from glass shelves.

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