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How to visually enlarge the hands

How to visually enlarge the hands

Not every woman can boast of beautiful nature hands and thin graceful fingers.

If your hands are too thin and short, with a small palm? learn to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity.

Hands can visually enlarge with the help of some little secrets.

You will need

  • Blouse with long sleeves
  • Manicure
  • A bracelet
  • Ring
  • Gymnastics Hand



Dress properly. Tucked under your figure, clothing creates miraculous transformations. Remember that light colors visually enhance the arm, and the dark? reduced. Some other tricks:
? Too thin arms disguised long sleeves.
? When you lean the upper limbs can not wear blouses with collars, clamps, large puffs.
? If the thin wrists you have a large brush, choose flared to the bottom of the sleeve. It must close your palm before the thumb.
? Short arms contraindicated high collar and the sleeves are too wide.
? Visually lengthen the arm sleeve can, which tapers downwards and ends below the wrist.


Pick manicure, perfect shape of your hand and fingers.
? If the fingers and nails too short, use a light or pearlescent paint. The edges of the nails do not paint over.
? Light shades of pink varnish blend in with the natural color of the nail plate, and it has the effect of lengthening the palm.
? To narrow nails on the fingers of little nice paint pure red tone. Paint over the entire surface of the nail plate.
? Narrow your nails can also be done using volumetric French manicure: nail polish and bright white tip.
? Cuticle and nails on the skin side stocky little fingers making them longer.
? A strip of dark lacquer in the middle of the nail (on the sides of it remains unpainted) allows visually to make long fingers.


Make beautiful hand with the help of jewelry? bracelets and rings.
? If the hand and wrist is too thin, choose the elegant and narrow bracelets.
? For thin fingers choose a ring of horizontal design, more massive model. You fit rings pear shaped, oval and round cut stones.
? Short, plump up the brush can visually lengthen using asymmetric, triangular or vertical rings.
? In short finger in any case can not wear high (up joint) rings.


Work out. Pulling up on the phalanges, training with dumbbells and some other special exercises develop the wrist, will pump a small fist. Sign up for a class to a good fitness instructor. This will help you not only make your hands more beautiful, but also to become more confident in its irresistibility.

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