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UNUSUAL countries of South America for Russians


Visa-free countries of South America for Russians</a>

South America attracts, first of all, its virgin, untouched, and therefore sometimes dangerous nature.

Its rich history with wars of ancient civilizations, grandiose buildings and still undiscovered secrets.

You will need

  • Flight, visa, Spanish



South America is not yet popularA place of tourism for Russian citizens. This is due primarily to expensive flights across the ocean, with the absence in most countries of quite comfortable conditions for tourists. And, of course, with a small amount of information about this beautiful continent. Meanwhile, most countries of South America have an agreement with Russia on a visa-free regime, which greatly simplifies the visit to a number of states. In this article, several of them will be described, based on personal experience.


Venezuela. A visa is placed at the airport upon arrival in Caracas. Staying Russian in this country is allowed up to 90 days a year. And, although this figure is prescribed in all customs documents, there is no penalty for non-compliance. In most cases, Russians are released from the country without any problems, even if the period of stay is very much exceeded. But here it is worth remembering some pitfalls. First, the price of the ticket may not include the airport tax. So it's good to have in stock local currency (bolivars) for 50-100 dollars for its payment. If you leave the country by bus, it will cost $ 10 per person.


Colombia. By law, the period of stay is the same as in Venezuela and is equal to 90 days. But sometimes customs officers show self-will, and decide for themselves what time it is possible to let this or that person into the country. It can be like 30 days or 60. The problem, however, if you leave after 90 days still will not be, explain everything at the customs can be easy. Departure from the country is free. But there's no need to yawn either. If you travel by bus, you can completely pass through customs control without getting a note on the closure of the visa, border guards do not particularly care about the correctness of the documents.


Ecuador. Entry into the country for Russian citizens is allowed for a period of 90 days, no payment for crossing the border is required. The visa itself is also placed when passing customs.


Peru. All the same 90 days for Russian citizens. But here everything is stricter. For each day of visa delinquency, a fine of $ 1 per day is imposed. It is necessary to save all the paperwork that is given at the entrance to the country, as they are required to return when they leave. In case they are not there, then another fine - $ 4 per piece of paper. And the most interesting thing is that it is better to pay in dollars, because the rate of local salt to the US currency at customs is predatory, two times lower than the real one.

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