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Vinyl Fever</a>

Recently, among fans of music, the demand for good old vinyl records has increased, with which our parents and grandparents heard. There are different opinions among people.

Someone thinks that this is just a fashion, someone considers vinyl archaism and records should be kept in museums. But the vinyl has real fans.

Such people are sure that the sound from vinyl records is much better than modern digital versions.

Let's see how the story of vinyl records began.

In 1887, the German engineer Berliner with the help ofA special device began to record sounds on round zinc plates. The record was produced on another device, which also invented Berliner.
Over time, the material from which theRecords, changed, and the technology of reproduction and replication of records. In the XX century for the production of plates began to use a more accessible and light material - vinyl. This material became extremely popular with manufacturers, and later on its basis vinyl was made. The use of vinyl allowed to increase the time of recording and make records accessible to all segments of the population. In addition, the voice recorded on vinyl was not distorted and sounded louder.
"Jazz on the bones." Vinyl in the Union.
In the USSR, the first records were released in 1949. In parallel with the official record companies, there were clandestine bureaus that recorded music banned at that time. For this, underground workers used large-format X-rays. Therefore, jazz, which was declared an official hunt, was then called "music on the bones."
But this phenomenon had positive aspects as well. Soviet music lovers got acquainted with such bands of the West as the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others.
Modern vinyl is an analog miracle.
What is good about vinyl compared to other modern formats?
The fact is that vinyl does not distort sound and does notChanges the frequency of sound. Music experts note that the sound from the digital media has some distortion, "voice sterility". In other words, it is too synthetic. The sound from the plate sounds lively and attractive.
That's why many music lovers now chooseIt's vinyl to listen to the albums of your favorite artist. And statistics confirm this: in the 90s of the twentieth century, demand for records was close to zero, but in 2000, 1.5 million records were purchased, and in 2010 - 3.7 million. And this trend continues every year.

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