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How to view the serial number of the phone

How to view the serial number of the phone

Every mobile phone has a serial number, the so-called IMEI (Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​assigned to it at the factory.

Knowledge of serial phone numbers can help find him in case of theft or loss.



When you turn on your phone's identificationRoom equipment read the operating company. If you lose your phone or have it stolen, still have a chance to find the missing - but only if you know the IMEI of your phone.


Check the serial number of the phone in several ways. The most simple: type the command "* # 06 #" (without quotation marks), the serial number of your phone will immediately appear on the screen.


The serial number is on the body of the phone. To see it, turn off your phone, remove the cover and pull out the battery. IMEI is written on the case under the battery, next to the bar code.


The identification number can be found on the box and on thephone, it is often it helps to know the IMEI of the lost device. So far nothing has happened to the phone, the owner is usually not interested in its serial number. This is wrong - if you do not keep a box on your phone, be sure to write down the IMEI in a notebook computer, or save the file in any other safe place.


If your phone is stolen, please contact the policecorresponding application. Insist on the fact that law enforcement agencies have turned to the cellular operator to search for your phone. Contact the company cellular most requested track stolen phone IMEI should not be - most likely, you say no.


Sometimes a phone purchase is by hand, withoutdocuments. To not buy a stolen phone, check the internet identification number on the database of stolen phones data. Find such a base - type in the line search engine "stolen phone database," you get a lot of relevant links. In case of theft of your phone do not forget to add the ID number in the database.


The identification number has not only phone numbers,and USB-modems. If you for some reason want to ensure their anonymity and change the modem SIM-card, it almost gives nothing as a modem IMEI remained the same and always will be easy to find when you need to.

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