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See the serial number on your phone


See the serial number on your phone</a>

Each mobile phone has a serial number, the so-called IMEI (mobile equipment identifier) ​​assigned to it by the manufacturer.

Knowing the serial number of the phone can help you find it in case of theft or loss.



When you turn on the phone, its identificationThe number is read by the operator's equipment. If you lost the phone or you stole it, there is still a chance to find the loss - but only if you know the IMEI of your phone.


You can find out the serial number of the phone in several ways. The easiest: type the command "* # 06 #" (without the quotes), the serial number of your phone will immediately appear on the screen.


Serial number is indicated on the phone case. To see it, turn off the phone, remove the lid and pull out the battery. IMEI is recorded on the case under the battery, next to the barcode.


Identification number is indicated and on the box fromPhone, often it helps to learn the IMEI of the lost device. While nothing happened with the phone, the owner is usually not interested in his serial number. It's wrong - if you do not store the box from your phone, be sure to write IMEI in a notebook, computer file or save it in any other safe place.


If your phone is stolen, write to the policeThe relevant application. Insist that law enforcement agencies apply to the cellular operator to find your phone. Contact the company itself with a request to track IMEI stolen phone should not - most likely, you will refuse.


Sometimes buying a phone is handled, withoutDocuments. In order not to buy a stolen phone, check on the Internet its identification number on databases of stolen phones. To find such databases is simple - type in the line of the search engine "stolen phone numbers of the database", you will get a lot of relevant links. In case of theft of your phone, do not forget to add its identification number to these databases.


Identification number is not only phones,But also USB-modems. If for some reason you want to ensure your anonymity and change the SIM card in the modem, it gives you almost nothing, because the IMEI of the modem remains the same and, if necessary, you can always be easily found.

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