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How to view the type of memory

Determining memory type

View the type used in computer or laptop memory can be, disassembled the device, or by using special test programs.

The first method is more reliable, however, is not always available.

The second memory type determination method is much easier.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, Everest program



If you decide to increase the amount of memory used in your computer (laptop), you should see a type a memory installed therein. To do this, open the unit cover and remove the memory card out of their sockets. Of course, before that do not forget to turn off your computer and disconnect it from the mains. Note that the memory card is usually attached with all sorts of snaps and locks. Therefore, removing the memory strip, do not make a lot of effort - better define their holds. If you remove the memory card is difficult, it is often the case in laptops, netbooks and "desktop" computers, you can try to read the writing on the memory bracket without removing it.


Rewrite all discovered on the memory cardinformation on a piece of paper. Go online and type in the search string found on the memory card label. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of the memory and verify all the necessary information.


If physical access to memory stripsis not possible, then install on the computer test program, such as Everest. This program is the most popular and has a friendly interface even lover. By installing or just copying the program into a folder, run it. select "System Board" in the left menu tree. At the same time, the necessary information will appear in the large window on the a typeie memory and its other attributes.


To get more detailed information aboutmemory, start the test. It only takes a few seconds. Select (top) menu "Tools" and then start «Cache & amp- Memory Benchmark». After a few seconds you will receive detailed information about a typee memory and all its parameters.

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