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How to view memory

How to view memory

Not every user thinks that the samefor the interior of his? machine ?, however, when you install a game or a powerful program is necessary to learn what is on your computer processor, and look at the size of RAM.



Find out what size RAMcomputer by running the dialog box? System Properties ?. To open this window, in the free part of the desktop, right-click. In the menu you need to click on the line? Properties ?. The window will be? System Properties ?.


It is here, in the lower right corner, you will see notOnly the type and power of your CPU, but also be able to see the amount of RAM. RAM will be labeled as? RAM ?, which means random access memory. RAM, or? RAM? measured in megabytes or gigabytes. For example, if you have RAM value is shown as? 1,49GB RAM ?, it will mean that you have? A half gig of RAM? or a half a gigabyte of RAM.

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