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Vibratory plate with own hands: brief instructions


Factory plate - quite expensiveAn instrument that you do not need to buy. To qualitatively tamper gravel or sand in the country, you can completely dispense with the unit, manufactured independently.

Vibratory plate with own hands: brief instructions

Preparation and selection of materials

The most optimal variant of a plate compactor -Device powered by a network of 220V. You can build a tool on a gasoline engine, but such a device will cost more: finding somewhere an unnecessary gasoline engine is more difficult than an electric one. The best engine for the future design is the IV-98E engine, which can be connected to the household network. This unit has one more advantage: the possibility of controlling the vibration force. In an extreme case, the motor from will approach also. To make the base, you need a metal plate 8 mm thick - its weight should be 50 kg (approximate size 80х45 cm). It is also necessary to find a pair of channels for fixing the engine. Plus, add to this set:
- two rubber cushions (suitable for automobile silentblocks) -
- tube with a diameter? Inch to manufacture the handle-
- M10 bolts for fixing the motor.

Stages of manufacture

From the engine, remove the cover toBy means of the eccentrics located inside it was possible to regulate the vibration force. Next, you need to "refine" the metal plate. To do this, cut a pair of grooves with a depth of 5 mm from the two sides (about 10 cm from the edge) using a grinder and a cutting disc along the metal, in order to bend the edge of the plate, otherwise the unit will break. When the edges are bent, the notches must be welded with electric welding. It will also be needed to weld both channels to the slab. The latter must be prepared by drilling 4 holes for fixing the IV-98E and a pair of holes under the handle. Its fastening is made through rubber bands (car silent blocks) - they are needed in order to minimize the effect of harmful vibration on a person. Some "homemakers", in order to avoid negative consequences, generally prefer to tie a rope. The engine can be fixed in a different way by welding the bolts down to the channels. To increase the mass of the plate compactor, at the front weld a suitable container (for example, a freon bottle from an old refrigerator) and fill it with water.

The result is an aggregate weighing almost 70 kg. To compact the soil, sand 10 cm thick, a mass of 45-50 kg is required. The cost of a homemade device is determined by the cost of the main component - the engine. However, the costs are well justified-a well-made plate compactor, for example, tampers the sand to such an extent that it barely shows the prints of the shoe.

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