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VERY cold apartment: how to fight it?

Very cool apartment

Rare apartment owner can boast that he is always a comfortable temperature in it.

In most cases, many consumers are not satisfied with the room temperature mode.

The reason that winter many very cold in the apartment, a lot. Go into all of them are not worth it, just tell how to solve this problem.
We must start with the fact that each componentpremises - whether it's a window, door or floor, can play not in favor of a comfortable stay. This happens in the case when it comes to improper installation of these structures or the wrong choice of material used for the arrangement of the apartment.

Priority actions

To eliminate cold in the apartment, the best startwith windows. They should be checked for any cracks. In the event that such is necessary to use foam strips that will solve the problem quickly and inexpensively. In addition, you can select and other types of sealants, the benefit - they now offer more than enough.
It can furthermore be used asinsulation insulation film for window designs. Although this option can be used only when the owner is not particularly concerned about the transparency of the glass.
Next, you should check the door frame for gaps and cracks. Quite often due to walls or other skewing factors appear slit that contribute to the loss of a large amount of heat.
For warming door design can also beuse a special seal around the perimeter, which is placed directly between the frame and the door. In addition, to address this issue will help insulation products using the surface of the skin of the door leaf.
In the case when installed metal doors, besides inside the product does not completed, then it is desirable to fill the empty space heater.
Deciding question insulation of doors and windows, you can do an analysis of the flooring.

floor Warming

If the floor is in excellent condition, nono defects and cracks, and the cold still overcomes the bottom, then the best solution would be to use the winter carpets, preferably natural, because the wool used well keeps the heat in the house and does not move the cold air flow through it into the living room. Although there is another option - installation of underfloor heating.
There is another simple but neverthelesseffective way for warming an apartment - it's cooking. It heats up and disperses in residential rooms, allowing them also to hold a comfortable temperature in the air in the kitchen cooking. Which of these methods would not chose the landlord, they are effective, so you can safely use them to solve the problem.

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