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Vertical gardening interior apartments

Vertical gardening interior apartments

If your interior is not enough gourmet spice, try taking vertical gardening.

First, the vertical greening will save space, and secondly, phyto - a great tool for creating comfort and harmony in the interior.

The main rules of phyto

Even by placing the plants on a vertical, shouldtake care of good lighting. It is best to have flowers on the wall opposite the window. If this is not possible, then suitable artificial light source.

Ideal - to plant house plants in special modular system for vertical gardening. Module feature is that it is equipped with systems of collection and removal of excess moisture.

Note for vertical gardeningnot all are suitable indoor plants, but only a very unpretentious and perennial plants such as philodendron, asparagus or Chlorophytum. In the process of growth and development of shrubs can be cut, giving them the right direction and the desired shape. Note watered vertical mini-garden can be no more than once every 10 days.

Designers prefer to use the elementsphyto interior not only as a piece of decoration, but also because the room flowers beautifully enrich the air with oxygen. Moreover, models of flowers do not occupy much space, being not only very ergonomic, but mobile. You can always outweigh or relocate the modular system to another location.

So, most of vertical gardening is used if:
- Want to make the interior a unique and individual design vidom-
- Wish so zoned premises, such as the dining room and kuhnyu-
- Prefer green screen mobile stationary interior doors.

The interior of the kitchen "live" picture can also be an excellent mini-garden where all year round you can grow your favorite herbs.

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The methods of disposition of plants

Phytodesign allows you to make a habitual way of lifespark of creativity and creation. To do this, you do not need a lot of money or time spent. Any apartment - an ideal place for the realization of relatively simple landscaping concepts.

Thus, vertical gardening can be divided into several types:
- Flowerbox. The basis of the concept - simple floristry, which connects to the elegant but bright boxes, and in which are planted plants.
- Flowall (living wall or fitokartina). It creates such a green pattern by connecting together several modules with flowers. A notable this composition that makes it possible for even a small landscaping residential zone area.
- Landscape vertical composition. This phyto element is well positioned under the stairs. To create a multi-level landscape concept fit shelves, where you can arrange your favorite flowers. In addition, there are other types of indoor gardening, but more complex, requiring a professional approach and special knowledge, otherwise the plants will not grow and develop.

Fitostena can be any shape. The main bonus that gives a "live" wall - natural atmosphere.

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Popularity vertical gardening apartmentsdue to the fact that a simple fitokartina - is not only beautiful, but also practical, because the plants in it are constantly changing, and never look exactly the same. In addition to the area "living" wall is able to give a positive mood and create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony with nature.

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