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Polycarbonate veranda with own hands


The polycarbonate porch should be mounted on a light foundation, which can have a ribbon or columnar structure. Further it is necessary to prepare and establish a skeleton from a tree or metal.

Polycarbonate veranda with own hands
Verandas can be built even after constructionAt home, the main thing is that it is combined with the main building. Polycarbonate, which is not only easy to install, but also exhibits excellent performance characteristics, excelled in this.

When using polycarbonate as a material for the veranda, you need to equip the foundation, but you can do with an extremely lightweight tape or columnar type design.

Technology of foundation for the veranda

The basis for the veranda is recommended to equipIn the prepared trench in advance, if it is intended to mount the strip foundation. In the trench, a layer of sand and rubble should be covered, filling the received pillow with water. Next, you can proceed to the installation of the formwork, which then must be poured with concrete. In the foundation of the foundation it is necessary to strengthen the structural elements of the structure.

Features of erection of the veranda

The frame of the structure can be made ofChannels, and also corners, it is possible to apply and metal pipes, excellent will cope with a task and wooden бруски. The frame part can be made of plastic.

The roof of the veranda can be made in the form of a vault, andIt can be supplied with one slope, the angle of inclination should be approximately 30 °. For designs of oversized sizes, the arched roof will perfectly fit, flexible sheets of material will allow to form such a shape.

The sheets can be fixed to the elements of the frame,Using screws and washers. As a main requirement, it is possible to distinguish the equipment of each washer with a rubber gasket. But the holes intended for the screws must be larger than the screw dimensions by 2 mm. This need is due to the ability of polycarbonate to expand under the influence of heat and to narrow with a lowering of the temperature regime. Such oscillations of linear dimensions can weaken and swing the fasteners.

If you do not plan to use the veranda inWinter time, then you should purchase sheets, the thickness of which varies from 8 to 10 mm. But to create a more solid construction, you should use sheets that are between 14 and 16 mm thick.

Using as a material for the carcassSteel rolling, protect it from corrosion, priming, and after painting the surface. Cutting polycarbonate sheets should be made with an electric jigsaw, and a traditional or circular saw with small teeth will do. When mounting sheets, it is necessary to provide thermal grooves, the width of which should be 4 mm.

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