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Ventilation holes for the outflow of air from the ceiling set

Installation of the ventilation system? an integral part of the construction of any house.

It is necessary to ensure the proper microclimate indoors.



Ventilation should be designed withhouse. The project must be coordinated with utilities projects such as electrical, plumbing, heating, sewage. The structure of the air passages and openings must meet the sanitary rules and norms. Even if you build a house for himself, make the ventilation according to the rules. Ventilation should not go into areas of potential human being in the house, so as not to cause discomfort. The ventilation grille should be selected such that they match the holes, as well as in harmony with the surrounding decor. In all bathrooms and the kitchen is necessary to provide for the installation of ventilation. If a specialist in designing believes that natural draft is insufficient, it is necessary to provide the house mechanical ventilation systems.


To ensure effective ventilationand ensure the inflow and outflow of air. Since warm air rises and cold air tends downward, the air flow necessary to provide an opening facing as close to the floor, and an air outlet vent provided locate the ceiling.


If necessary to install the fan, his purchase, based on the bandwidth. It must be powerful enough to provide a complete air change in the room 2-3 times per minute.


To suppress the noise from the ventilation systemYou can mount the fans are not hard way that it does not vibrate. For these purposes, use rubber sealants. Take a self-adhesive sealant for windows or rubber rings to mitigate vibration. In order to avoid the noise from the vibration of air is better not to use an accordion lines, since they create a lot of obstacles to the exhaust air.

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