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How to make ventilation


Ventilation holes for the outflow of air are installed under the ceiling</a>

Laying the ventilation system? An integral part of the construction of any house.

It is necessary to ensure a normal indoor microclimate.



Ventilation should be designed withHome. This project needs to be coordinated with engineering communications projects, such as electricity, water, heating, sewerage. The structure of ventilation ducts and openings must comply with sanitary rules and regulations. Even if you build a house for yourself, do ventilation by all means. Ventilation should not go out in places where a person is potentially in the house, so as not to cause discomfort. Ventilation grilles should be chosen such that they correspond to the holes, and also in harmony with the surrounding decor. In all bathrooms, as well as in the kitchen, it is necessary to provide for the installation of exhaust ventilation. If the design engineer believes that natural exhaust is not enough, it is necessary to supply the house with mechanical ventilation systems.


To ensure effective ventilation,Provide both inflow and outflow of air. Since the warm air rises and the cold air tends to go down, the air intake must be provided with an opening that comes as close to the floor as possible, and the air outlet is provided by placing the ventilation opening at the ceiling.


If necessary, install a fan, buy it based on bandwidth. It should be powerful enough to ensure a complete change of air in the room 2-3 times per minute.


To suppress noise from the ventilation systemYou can mount the fans in a non-rigid way so that it does not vibrate. For the same purposes, rubber sealants are used. Take self-adhesive window sealant or rubber rings to soften the vibration. To avoid noise from the vibration of the air, it is better not to use the accordion piping, since they create many obstacles to the exhaust air.

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