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VENICE stucco

Venetian stucco

Italian masters of the Renaissance still used mramorirovaniya technique for finishing the walls of majestic castles and palaces.

Then, using Venetian stucco, at the time it was very common.

But today, this decoration material is quite popular.

At all times, the marble was considered expensive andnoble stone. Decorative stucco - a good choice for modern apartments, which are rarely used real stone because of its high price. What, then, the properties of "Venetian", than she deserved such love masters?

Features decorative plaster marble

Marble walls are able to make any interiormore refined and noble, ranging from the classical style and ending with modernity. Simulation of different stones allows you to create the atmosphere of antiquity. You can choose any imitation stone, such as onyx, opal, classical marble and rare varieties.

There are several types of stucco,they differ from each other patterns and colors. It can be pink, agate, gray, white stone. To add a special refinement of the walls, you can use the red marble with white veins, interspersed with metal, gold or platinum effect shine.

Elegant "ancient" walls characterized by depth andtransparency, this effect is easily achieved through the marble chips with lime or acrylic binder, which is part of the decorative plaster.

Features of the application of the Venetian stucco

Apply the plaster on the need to pre-primed surface. In bad weather it is better not to apply, it is not recommended to carry out the procedure under the direct sunlight.

Apply a decorative plaster with the help ofsteel grating and a metal trowel. After drying (30 minutes) needed to carry out the grout, then - to correct and smooth base. There will wet stainless steel trowel.

The surface should dry for 24-48hours. The temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees. Under such conditions, the material is distributed uniformly hardens correctly. If, however, after the procedure there were patches of color, need to apply again for the rest of the surface layer of plaster.

For a gloss surface after finishingceiling or walls rub synthetic or natural, gloss or matt, transparent or colored wax. This requires certain skills. This technique allows you to give more of a tension ceiling effect - it helps to keep the height of the room.

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