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Venetian plaster and liquid wallpaper: compare

Venetian plaster and liquid wallpaper: compare

The richest range of modern finishingmaterials allows you to find the solution for every interior and for every budget. The special interest of buyers today are of liquid wallpaper and Venetian plaster.

Their advantages are high decorative characteristics, durability and ease of use.

What are the differences between these types of materials for decoration?

Venetian plaster - one of the varieties of decorative plaster. Its main advantage is that environmental friendliness, range of latitude, the ability to simulate a specific invoice.
Liquid wallpaper are a mixture of - dry orfinished. These materials are not an allergen, their lifespan is about 10 years. Liquid wallpaper is not delaminate, does not crack when their application gives a seamless coverage. If desired, you can hide flaws with these decorative materials.

Liquid wallpapers provide good heat and sound insulation

The main differences are Venetian plaster and liquid wallpaper

The structure of liquid wallpaper includes a binder,silk, cellulose, cotton, and many other decorative additives. In this wallpaper do not absorb dirt and dust, they have antistatic properties. The convenience of this type of new finishing materials is that you can use liquid wallpaper in new buildings. Wallpapers will retain its appeal shrinkage of the building, they can be used to disguise the differences.
Decorative plaster, includingVenetian, creates a natural pattern - imitation of stone, wood, sand, lava and more. Finishing material allows you to show imagination, of plaster can create real masterpieces. There are synthetic and lime Venetian. The greatest convenience of the synthetic stucco has to complete the work needs to be applied two coats.
The main advantage of liquid wallpaper beforedecorative plaster - the ability to self-finishing work. High-quality material makes it possible to carry out the finish with no joints and seams, whereby the liquid wall will be successful in any interior.

What to choose: Venetian or liquid wallpaper

When working with liquid wallpaper is enough to studydetailed workshops on the Internet. The surface after finishing the mixture becomes perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch. At the same time it is warm, which is important for kitchens, children's rooms, game rooms. Superb as Venetian plaster is more appropriate to look in the living room or in the lobby. It will give the interior a special flair, after drying, the plaster can be subjected to its toning.

Venetian plaster attracts resistant to temperature changes, it can be used not only to decorate the walls.

Liquid wallpaper, unlike the Venetianplaster can be applied to the same surface several times. Plus some places at will be able to restore, select the right shade. High-tech wallpaper can be applied to a pistol-hopper or spatula. Drying Floor 12-72 hours, you can perform a textured surface finish wood, matting, etc. But liquid wallpaper is used with caution in humid rooms due to the presence in the pulp.
Venetian can be cleaned with water, soap and othersubstances. The coating is porous, so any flaws are invisible. Keep in mind that the plaster hardens quickly, so to work with the material you need to have a skill. Plus, unlike liquid wallpaper for Venetian application must be carefully prepare the surface.

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