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Useful if running in the morning

Jogging is considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight and tighten the figure and strengthen the immune system.

Not surprising, because in this case the load is practically all organs and muscles.

Moreover, experts advise to run it in the morning, preferably before breakfast.



It has been proven that running in the morning brings morebenefit those who struggle with being overweight. At this time, calories burned much faster than in the evening or at bedtime. And this is best done from 6 to 8 am.


Morning jogging helps to wake up quickly andrecover, mobilize forces and energy for a long working day. Moreover, early run advantage that less polluted air around, which is particularly important in large cities. And the people who play sports or walk early in the morning, much less than in the evening, allowing you to be alone with him.


Despite the obvious benefit of running in the morning, at theit has its opponents. It is believed that this energy immediately after waking have a negative impact on health and introduces more relaxed the body into a state of stress. That is why you should listen to your instincts and rely solely on your state of health. Those who easily gets along with the sunrise and then a decision is taken for the different cases should be run in the morning as in the evening they have simply not remain at this strength. Well, owls, the activity of which is just beginning to dinner, it is not necessary to force your body early meltdown - in this case is much more useful and efficient to deal with in the evening.


In any case, you need to joggingcorrectly. To do this it is best to go for a run with an empty stomach after drinking some water with honey to increase the level of sugar in the blood. Before you begin to run, it is also important to stretch your body and feet, paying attention to the joints - this will avoid sprains and discomfort during exercise.


Newcomers better to start with small distances, withEach time, overcome by increasing the number of meters. However, to run maximum benefit figure and health, you need to give it at least 30 minutes. And an even greater effect bring jogging or cross-country jogging alternating with high-speed races.


After jogging beneficial to eat the food,rich in complex carbohydrates. An excellent choice for breakfast, for example, will muesli. They are long enough to digest, leaving you feeling full and providing the necessary charge of energy during the day. In the evening is better to give preference to protein products, such as white meat or seafood. If you have time to dine before the run, and then there will still want, you can eat a little cheese.

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