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Whether black tea with bergamot USEFUL

Useful whether black tea with bergamot

Tea - one of the most popular beverages. There are many different types of tea: green, hibiscus tea, fruit tea, tea with lemon.

In black tea with bergamot also has a lot of fans who appreciate his refined taste, aroma and beneficial properties.

A bit of bergamot

Bergamot - is a plant belonging to the family of citrus fruits. His name is obliged Bergamo place, which is located in Calabria (province in Italy), which began to grow bergamot.
bergamot Fruits looks like a lemon, but theirnot used in food. From the rind of bergamot, as well as its flowers and young shoots squeeze the essential oil, which is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics.

Bergamot oil contains large amounts of nutrients before it is widely used for the treatment and prevention of colds.

Currently, bergamot is grown in the south of Italy, where the humid and warm climate makes it possible to obtain a good harvest. Another bergamot can be found in India, China, in the Caucasus.

Black tea with bergamot

In Europe, black tea with bergamot first imported in the 19th century British diplomat Charles Gray. Soon Greys owned family company began producing tea with bergamot in the industrial scale.
Now known strong black tea with bergamot earl Grey is one of the most popular beverage and is sold in more than 90 countries around the world.
Buy real earl grey betterspecialized stores by weight. Tea with bergamot belongs to the form of flavored teas, and that he has not lost its unique flavor and is not absorbed extraneous odors, it should be stored in a sealed metal or glass containers. Brewed tea with bergamot usual classical way.

Useful properties of black tea with bergamot

Natural tea with bergamot very usefuldrink. The combination of bergamot and tannins black tea helps to remove age spots. Cup of tea with bergamot before going to the beach will increase the production of melanin, which give skin a beautiful shade of tan.
Tea with bergamot has a calming effect,reduces anxiety, it stimulates brain activity and normalizes sleep. This drink is useful to drink for colds, it reduces the temperature and strengthens the immune system.

Women with gynecological problems and expectant mothers should refrain from drinking tea with bergamot. In high doses, it can cause uterine contractions.

Besides black tea with bergamot positiveeffect on the circulatory system, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol. Antispasmodic and sedative properties of bergamot help to cope with diseases of the digestive system and improve appetite.

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