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Useful than the juice of celery

Useful than the juice of celery

Celery - a herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae, known to people since ancient times.

The food in one form or another are used all parts of the plant from the roots to the leaves and stems.

Give your body the necessary vitamins, minerals and helps boost immunity celery juice. To obtain it, you can use all of this useful plant: leaves, stalks, roots.

In nature, there are 20 species of celery, it is growing on all continents except Antarctica. The most common type is called "celery".

Celery juice is well absorbed by blood and lymph at the cellular level and brings into the body the energy and nutrients. Moreover, it gives the slim figure and weight stabilizes.

Useful properties of celery

And trace elements contained in celery juice endow him many useful for the human body characteristics:
•; diuretic effect. Displays harmful substances.
•; Reduces cellulite and swelling.
•; Reduces cravings for fatty and sweet. It promotes weight loss.
•; It soothes the nervous system, keeps the body temperature balance in the extreme heat.
•; It improves digestion.
•; Painless displays stones.
•; Lowers blood pressure.
•; Helps with creaking joints.
•; Suppresses cancer cells and free radicals.
•; Useful cardiovascular system.
•; Promotes physical and mental abilities.

Juicing celery

For human consumption requires a small amount of juice. Therefore, it is more convenient to use float instead of a juicer. The resulting mass should be wiped squeeze through cheesecloth.
To improve the taste of celery juiceIt can be mixed with vegetable or fruit juices. In this case, not to cause unwanted effects, it is necessary to use those plants whose properties differ from celery. For example, the nervous system is useful mixture of juice of celery and carrots, and the kidneys - celery and parsley.
A mixture of apple, pear and celery in ancient times known as "juice of love." It is considered beneficial to both men and women.

Arvada American city is the unofficial title of "Celery Capital of the World."

Recommendations and contraindications

Celery juice is recommended to drink in small doses: 2-3 teaspoons per 30 minutes before eating. This allows you to significantly improve digestion.
This can take the same amount of juicecelery if you want to lose weight without special diets. Since the celery is a product with negative calorie juice when using it for several weeks although the weight does not much, but it will be less. In addition to normal peristalsis and decreases gas formation.
Celery juice is contraindicated in immunocompromised peopleelderly. It is also not recommended to use in exacerbations of genito-urinary and intestinal diseases before the end of the treatment, while the body is restored.

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