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Useful properties of tea with mint

Useful properties of tea with mint

Peppermint tea - one of the most common and favorite beverage in the world.

His drinking has been for many centuries, and its usefulness is confirmed by modern scientific laboratories.

The spectrum of medicinal applications decoctions of mint is very wide.

The beneficial properties of mint tea

As it relates to medicinal mintplants, the use of mint tea is self-evident. Amazing features of this herbaceous perennial sang in ancient times, Pliny the Elder, Theophrastus, and many others. Mint tea quenches thirst and brings coolness on a hot muggy day relieves irritability, relaxes and helps regain strength. Since ancient times, decoctions of mint prescribed to patients suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, neuroses and insomnia. Mint is still called the "longevity herb" and is actively used in herbal medicine for the prevention and the treatment of many diseases.
This plant contains a large number of essentialoil and has antiseptic, antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Its constituent menthol is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. No wonder that fresh brewed mint is such an effective tool. It is very good for gastritis with high acidity, it helps get rid of flatulence and improves appetite. Mint teas and teas normalize pressure and facilitate the condition of people with cardiovascular diseases, for example. angina pectoris. Finally, brewed mint useful for women of all ages, since it regulates the cycle, relieves pain and improves the condition of the body during menopause.

The benefits of tea with the addition of Mint

Mint can and must be mixed with other teas -black, white, green, and add herbal teas. Tea with the addition of mint no less effective than the so-called monootvar. It is only important to consider what you combine and at what time of the day drink. For example, black tea mint leaves will not save - it would still be vigorous, so at night this drink is best not to drink.
According to nutritionists is the most usefulYet green tea, and combine it with the best balm. So it gives a mint tea thin refined aroma, and the drink effect on the body will be more efficient, since green tea and mint are fairly close to their pharmacological properties.
In general, we can say with certainty that anytea with mint is extremely useful for digestion. Contained in the perennials menthol interferes with the processes of decay and fermentation, relieves flatulence, has choleretic and analgesic. In addition, the mint tea is extremely effective in the fight against hangovers.

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