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USEFUL phrases with the preposition of AT


Useful phrases with the preposition of AT</a>

Prepositions of the English language - a topic that requires a careful and attentive approach.

Due to a number of features of the language of Misty Albion, a lot of established expressions, phrases for everyday communication and just interesting phrases are tied up on prepositions.

The preposition AT is a striking example of this.

Phrases with the preposition of AT for everyday, especially oral, communication:

At night - night-
At lunch time - at lunchtime-
At the wheel - behind the wheel-
At least - at least -
At best - in the best form-
At most - at most-
At a blow - with one blow-
At first -
At last - finally,
At a time - for times-
At a discount - with a discount-
At a foot's pace - step-
At any hand - anyway.

Phrases for written texts, journalistic and "book" styles and just beautiful expressions:

At the 11th hour - at the last moment-
At a giveaway price - almost a gift-
At a glimpse - at first sight, immediately-
At a go - at once-
At first hand - from own experience-
At a high price- at a high price-
At a low ebb - in a bad state-
At an old age - in old age-
At any cost -
At every trifle - for any occasion-
At sb's expense - bail someone's account-
At no extra charge - no additional charge-
At short notice - immediately-
At street level - at ground level.

Tip: when working with prepositions, always try to memorize phrases in the context of sentences or situations. This will speed up the study of the material and its translation into an active vocabulary.

Happy learning!

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