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Useful Phrases with the preposition AT

Useful Phrases with the preposition AT

English prepositions - a topic which requires a cautious and careful approach.

For a number of features of language Albion on prepositions tied a huge number of well-established expressions, phrases for everyday communication and simply interesting phrases.

Preposition AT - a vivid example.

Phrases with AT pretext for everyday, especially verbal, communication:

at night - night-
at lunch time - at lunch time-
at the wheel - for rulёm-
at least - at mere-
at best - the best vision
at most - most bolshee-
at a blow - one udarom-
at first - ponachalu-
at last - nakonets
at a time - for different
at a discount - with skidkoy-
at a foot's pace - shagom-
at any hand - in any case.

Phrases for written texts, journalistic and "book" style and a beautiful expression:

at the 11th hour - at the last moment-
at a giveaway price - almost darom-
at a glimpse - at first glance, once-
at a go - once-
at first hand - by his own opytu-
at a high price- the highest price-
at a low ebb - in a bad sostoyanii-
at an old age - in starosti-
at any cost - any tsenoy-
at every trifle - at any povodu-
at sb's expense - Zai someone else schёt-
at no extra charge - no extra oplaty-
at short notice - nemedlenno-
at street level - at ground level.

Tip: Working with prepositions, always try to memorize the phrases within sentences or situations. This will speed up the study of the material and its translation in the active vocabulary.

Happy learning!

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