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How to use unnecessary makeup.


How to use unnecessary makeup.</a>

Buying cosmetics is a very delicate matter.

If the cosmetics that you have purchased, you did not fit, then you can find her application is not entirely for its intended purpose.



Face cream that does not suit you, you canStart to apply, as a hand cream, and also as a massage for the body or for softening the skin of the heels. And an unsuitable cream for the skin around the eyes can be used as a means to care for the lips, because the skin of the lips is as delicate as the skin of the eyelids. And also, any fat cream can be used to clean and soften things from the skin.


Shampoo, as well as shower gel, can be used,As a bath foam or instead of a liquid soap. And they also copes well with the washing of products made of wool and silk. However, it is important to remember that shampoo is washed off for a long time, and therefore, using it instead of washing powder, rinse things more carefully and carefully.


Dry mascara for eyelashes do not rush to throw. Wash the brush with water and soap it can be used, while applying medicinal oil (almond, burdock, castor sea buckthorn) on the eyelashes.


Unnecessary toilet water can be used as an air freshener in an apartment or car.


A lotion for removing makeup will help to clean traces of foundation or lipstick from the outer clothing. And also will clean the skin on the forehead and behind the ears from the hair dye after their staining.

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