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How to use the web cam

At the present level of technology development in each network user has the opportunity to see relatives, acquaintances, friends and family from the comfort of your home, office or car.

You will need this gadget as a webcam.

You will need

  • Computer running WindowsXP / Vista / Win7- own webcam, a microphone (today almost always built in webcam) - driver (included on the disk included with the camera or not required at all, if the camera uses system drivers) - Internet channel from 512 kbit / sec (unless you know the width of your feed, ask your network provider online, or read in the contract to provide the Internet service provider) -
  • program - Messager (required for direct use of web cameras in the communication process).



The most important stage - the selection of the camera itself, soboth the proper choice depends on how well you will have seen the other party, as well as the camera's lifespan. The main criterion when choosing a camera is its matrix. As with digital cameras, web cameras use optical digital matrix of varying clarity and quality. The higher the camera resolution, the higher the quality of the image that will be transferred to the other party. It is necessary to examine additional options such cameras as AF (auto-tuning sharpness), built-in microphone, night view function (is used in a darkened) and so on. These features enhance the usability of your communication through the Internet.


Despite the fact that the built-in web cameramicrophones of high enough quality, they can not boast the same sensitivity that is at most a simple desktop microphone. The quality of the microphone special requirements, oddly enough, no. The structure is very simple. There are options to use as a desktop microphone and select the built-in headphones. This is useful if you do not want the essence of your conversation delved third parties, but the reliability of these microphones neskolhttp: //www.relevantmedia.ru/node/add/fms-ticket-map/17894ko lower than that of ordinary , will not have built-analogues.


To connect the webcam you need a freeUSB-connector. When you turn on your computer and load the operating system will be notified about the discovery of a new device. In this case, the system itself will select the desired driver from the pre-installed on the computer, or install the driver from the disc that comes bundled with the camera.


Let messengers programs a lot, but it will be aof the most popular of them - Skype. It is a software package that allows you to hold a dialogue with a user or a group of users of the program in the live chat, voice communication with a pair of "microphone and a webcam." The program has a clear user-friendly interface and is free of charge for communication between computer users. Download program on the official site http://www.skype.com/. The site provides detailed instructions for installing the program.

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