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How to use the web


How to use the webcam</a>

With the current level of technology development, every user of the network has the opportunity to see relatives, friends, relatives and friends, without leaving home, office or even a car.

To do this, you need a gadget like a webcam.

You will need

  • Computer running Windows OSXP / Vista / Win7-the webcam itself, the microphone (now almost always built into the webcam) - the drivers (included on the disc bundled with the camera or not required at all if the camera uses system drivers) - the Internet channel from 512 kbit / Sec (if you do not know the width of your channel, check with your Internet service provider, or read the internet service agreement) -
  • Program - messager (necessary for direct use of the web camera in the process of communication).



The most important stage is the selection of the camera itself, soHow the right choice depends on how well you will see the interlocutor, as well as the life of the camera. The main criterion in choosing a camera is its matrix. As in digital cameras, webcams use optical digital matrices of varying clarity and quality. The higher the resolution of the camera, the higher the quality of the image that will be transferred to the interlocutor. It is worth studying such additional camera options as autofocus (automatic image sharpness adjustment), built-in microphone, night shooting function (used in high-darkness conditions) and so on. These functions will increase the convenience of your communication via the Internet.


Despite the fact that the built-in webcamsMicrophones of high enough quality, they can not boast the same sensitivity that there is in the most simple desktop microphone. To the quality of the microphone special requirements, oddly enough, no. The structure is very simple. There are options for using both a desktop microphone and a choice of built-in headphones. This is convenient in the event that you do not want the third parties to understand the essence of your conversation, but the reliability of such microphones is not much lower than that of simple microphones , Nowhere embedded, analogs.


To connect a webcam you need a freeUSB connector. When you turn on the computer and start the operating system, you will be notified that a new device is detected. In this case, the system itself will select the necessary drivers from the preinstalled on the computer, or install the driver from the disk that comes with the camera.


Let the messenger programs a lot, but it will beThe most popular of them is Skype. It is a software package that allows you to conduct a dialogue with a user or group of users of the program in chat modes, voice communication using a pair of "microphone and webcam." The program has a clear, convenient interface and is free for communication between computer users. Download the program on the official website http://www.skype.com/. The site provides detailed instructions for installing the program.

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