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How to use two modems


How to use two modems</a>

Sometimes to build a local network, you have to combine several devices at once.

It is very important to correctly configure the parameters of this equipment in order to avoid network problems.

You will need

  • - network cables.



If you have a one-portDSL modem and multi-port modem with a WAN connector, then you can connect several computers to the Internet without using additional devices. Connect the DSL modem to the telephone line using a splitter. Turn on this equipment and wait for it to load.


Connect to the Ethernet port of the DSL modem networkcable. The second end of it is stuck in a special computer slot. Turn on this PC. Open the web-interface of your modem settings using the browser. Configure the connection to the provider's server.


Be sure to disable DHCP. This will allow the second modem to be assigned a static IP address. Save the settings and restart the modem. Make sure that the device is connected to the server.


Disconnect the network cable from the computer andConnect it to the second modem. Connect all stationary computers to their LAN connectors. Open the web interface of the settings of the second modem. Go to the WAN (Internet Settings) menu. Enable the DHCP function so that you do not over-configure each computer connected to this equipment. Select the PPPoE data transfer type and activate the Static IP-address. Enter the IP address of the DSL modem in the Server field. Set the static address value for the custom device.


Save the WAN menu settings. Restart the second modem. Repeat the process of entering the settings menu. Make sure that the equipment has access to the Internet. Check if there is a network connection to the desktop computers. Note that after turning off the power of both modems, they may take a long time to fully boot. Open the settings menu of these devices only if access to the Internet disappears for more than ten minutes.

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