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HOW to use two modems

How to use two modems

Sometimes, for the construction of the local network is necessary to combine several devices.

It is important to configure this equipment to avoid problems in the network.

You will need

  • - Network cables.



If your are available single-portDSL-modem, and multi-port modem with built-in WAN, then connect to the Internet several computers can be without the use of additional devices. Follow the DSL-modem connection to the telephone line, using a splitter. Turn on the equipment and wait for it to download.


Connect the DSL-modem Ethernet-port networkcable. His second end to slide into a special slot in the computer. Turn on the PC. Open the web-interface of your modem settings using the browser. Follow the connection setup to the ISP server.


Be sure to disable the DHCP function. This will set the second modem a static IP-address. Save the settings and reboot the modem. Make sure that the device is connected to the server.


Disconnect the computer power cable andconnect it to the second modem. Connect all desktops with its LAN-connectors. Open the web-interface of the second modem settings. Go to the menu WAN (Internet Settings). Enable DHCP function, so as not to perform the extra settings for each computer connected to the equipment. Select PPPoE data type and activate the item Static IP-address. Type in the Server IP-address of the DSL-Modem. Set the value of a static address for a custom device.


Save the WAN Setup menu. Restart the second modem. Repeat the entry process in its menu settings. Make sure that the equipment obtained the access to the Internet. Check the connection to the network from desktops. Note that after turning off the power of both modems, they may need a lot of time to complete the download. Open the settings menu of the device only if the internet connection is lost for more than ten minutes.

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