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HOW to use the pink color in the interior

How to use the pink color in the interior

The pink color in the interior for the most people associate with room for kids or girls. In fact, it is a banal stereotype.

Pink includes many shades and opens vast horizons for the design of the room.

Of course, with this color to be careful, becauseotherwise it will become a symbol of the lack of taste of the owners and spoil any interior. Play "temperature", depth and combinations of pink should be able to.

For the bedroom pastel pink color willthe atmosphere of lightness and comfort. This is achieved by soft and muted tones of color in lingerie on the bed, decor elements and satin curtains. The bedroom for the couple's pink bed can be combined with a pale blue hue.

Japanese cherry perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom. It suits both light and dark colors. For example, the eastern interior. It brown and pink colors look so organically.

Pink coral hue accents emphasize the large room. More air will make the interior elements with transparent glass.

Fuchsia will be enough courageous decision, thiscolor can be used for dressing the design. This shade is included in the trend color of the year and competes with interior red. However, the color of Bladder - is highly saturated tone pink and therefore should be used very carefully. A good pair will make it bright colors such as pearl, champagne, ivory and pure white color.

Deep pink color, also known asberry-pink as the color of the interior is in harmony with all the warm colors and shades. For those owners who have a desire to make the interior of your room more extravagant, it is recommended a deep pink hue in combination with gray tones. Classic "glamor" style - dark wallpaper and patterns.

Pink Carnation has a unique color, withwhich will be visible in the room a light hint of lilac. This shade dimmer and more subdued in comparison with deep-pink tone. Therefore, we can say that he is not hurt the eyes. Tint pink carnations - an ideal solution for the design of a kitchen. Note that this group can not only be towels and curtains, as well as kitchen and apron. The kitchen area will become more expressive and spectacular. And every housewife will be nice to see your kitchen so beautiful.

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