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How to use old coats and hats


A wonderful mat of draped bands</a>

Surely in your closets you have old drapsCoats, felt hats, which are a pity to throw out, and there is not enough imagination to place them somewhere. And after all, it is possible to make wonderful and very original things at the expense of this bright and soft "semifinished product": floor mats in the hallway and nursery, , Wall mats-applications, funny potholders in the kitchen.

You will need

  • Fabric felt, thick drape-
  • Scissors are ordinary-
  • Scissors are figured (if there is a need to cut the relief edge), are sold in the handicrafts-
  • Adhesive gun (or a good adhesive for gluing the fabric) -
  • Thick cardboard or plywood (for a basis for a wall mat) -
  • Vata or sintepon for filling figurines in the application-
  • Tape for tack.



Floor mat.
1. Dispose of the old thing, if necessary, wash the pieces of fabric.
2. Schedule for yourself which pattern will predominate in your product: does it blast in contrasting colors or a gradual transition from one shade to another? What is the thickness of the rug?
3. Cut, depending on these requirements, strips of fabric of different lengths, but exactly the same height: from 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm.
4. Begin to form a rug drawing, twisting tightly strips of fabric into dense "rolls", carefully gluing them in each turn.
5. Screw a few such "rolls" and, using imagination, turn them gradually into the overall outline of the pattern, continuing to lay and wrap around new strips of fabric.
6. Gently finish the work by firmly attaching the tape end. Equal uneven places with scissors or a sharp knife.

Increase the surface of the rug is necessary, & quot-growing & quot; new circles and ovals


Wall-mat application pad.
1. Draw or copy from the Internet a beautiful uncomplicated fairytale or household story that your child will like.
2. For the background (which is glued to a dense base), you can put either a drape, or (if there is not such a large cut of the drape) another fabric, flannel, for example.
3. Cut out the figures with scissors. If necessary, use scissors with a special zigzag edge, they will help you make the wavy edge very neat.
4. Accurately arrange the figures according to the sketch.
5. If there is a need to give a small volume to some objects, place a little cotton wool or sintepon under the cloth.
6. Glue or gently sew the figures, embroider or draw on them the necessary details.
7. Pull your mat onto a solid base and glue it.
8. If desired, you can draw it with a frame, this will give the application completeness.

Such rugs are very popular with kids and decorate children's


Stand under the hot.
1. Slice the drape or felt into thin strips of the same width, but of an arbitrary length. Choose colors for your taste ("under a wooden cut," under the color of your kitchen headset or just a bright and pleasing eye).
2. Twisting in a tight "roll" and constantly gluing new strips, form the desired mat on the diameter.

Convenient and beautiful coasters with their own hands


1. Cut a tack of a certain shape ("heart", "apple", or "cats", as in the photo). If the drape is thick, you can use one layer, if thin, cut two parts.
2. Sew the edge of the contrasting thread with a column without a crochet or oblique bake.
3. Embroider or paste from the other fabric details of the picture (for example, photos - eyes and mustaches).
4. Sew a loop from a braid or a wooden ring.

New funny potholders from the old drape

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