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How to use the old coats and hats

Wonderful rug from drab bands

Surely in your closets gathering dust old drabcoat, felt hat, which throw a pity, and do not have enough imagination anywhere pristroit.A them because there is a possibility due to this bright and soft "intermediate product" make wonderful and highly original things: the floor mats in the hall and the nursery, coasters hot , wall mats, application, funny potholders in the kitchen.

You will need

  • Felt fabric, thick drap-
  • Scissors obychnye-
  • Scissors curly (if there is a need to cut embossed edge), sold in departments rukodeliya-
  • Glue gun (or a good adhesive for gluing fabric) -
  • Thick cardboard or plywood (for the base mat under the wall) -
  • Cotton wool for filling or padding polyester figures in applikatsii-
  • Braid for potholders.



Carpet floor.
1. raspor old thing, wash the fabric pieces, if necessary.
2. Schedule for yourself what pattern will prevail in your product whether it is the contrasting colors of an explosion or a gradual transition from one shade to another? How thick will the mat?
3. Slice depending on the requirements of the fabric strips of different lengths, but exactly the same height: 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm.
4. Begin to shape drawing pad, tightly twisting strips of cloth into tight "rolls", carefully gluing them to each coil.
5. Screw a few of these "rolls" and using the imagination, turn them gradually into the overall fabric pattern, continuing to lay new and wrapped around the fabric strip.
6. Carefully finish the job, ending firmly gluing tape. Align the scissors or a sharp knife rough spots.

Increasing the surface should be mat, & quot-priraschivaya & quot- new circles and ovals


Rug-wall application.
1. Draw or copy from the internet, or a beautiful fairy simple consumer story that will appeal to your child.
2. The basis of the background (which is glued on thick base), you can put or drape, or (if there is such a large cut drape) other fabric, flannel, for example.
3. Cut out the figures with scissors. If necessary, use special scissors with zigzag edge, they will help you to make a wavy edge very carefully.
4. Carefully lay the figures according to the sketch.
5. If there is a need to give some small amount of subjects, beneath the cloth or cotton wool slightly syntepon.
6. Glue or sew neatly figures, embroider or paint them the necessary parts.
7. Stretch your mat is dense base and glue.
8. Optionally, you can decorate it framed, it will give the application complete.

These rugs are very popular with kids and decorate the children's


Stand hot.
1. Cut the drape or felt on thin strips of the same width but random lengths. Pick colors to your taste ( "under the wood cut down" the color of your kitchen units or just a bright and pleasant to the eye).
2. Twisting into a tight "roll" and constantly podkleivaya new strip, the desired shape of the diameter pad.

Comfortable and beautiful stand with their hands


1. Cut tack specific shape ( "heart", "apple" or "Cats", as in the photo). If a thick drape, you can use one layer if a thin, cut two pieces.
2. Obsheyte edge contrasting thread column without nakida or piping.
3. Embroider or paste from a different cloth pattern detail (for example, photo - eyes and a mustache).
4. Sew a loop of tape or a wooden ring.

New funny tack from the old drape

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