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How to use the impact drills

Working with impact drills

Some part of the population is able to use the impact drill.

This is important when people successfully and independently carry out various construction and repair work.

For those who still do not know how to use it, it is advisable to learn this business.

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Hammer Drill - a special kind of tool. It is designed for drilling holes in metal, wood and plastic. Outwardly it looks like a regular drill, but it includes a special mechanism which during operation causes the drill bit (clamped in the chuck) produce pushing like a hammer blow, movement. Such action is necessary to perform the work with concrete, brick and other stone materials. It used primarily for punching diameter of 15 mm. </ H2>

Using drills

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electric tool used for the job. The power for the hammer drill is suitable between 400 and 700 W, but may be more. In her case there is a switch that allows to choose between two operating modes - normal and hammer drilling.

While working with a concrete wall, it is necessary to checkthe treated surface for electric wires and cables, pipes and other hidden items, and only then start drilling. It should be borne in mind that the size of the hole formed in the wall is larger than the diameter of the drill applied to several millimeters. In preparing the dowel holes, its depth should be done up to 0.5 cm longer than the length of the product. Concrete treated at high speed, and dust is removed from the hole with a blower. It is difficult to work with concrete impact drill, the brand is more than 300.

Hole in the wall of the brick make pobeditovymdrill, occasionally letting him cool down, plunging into the water. Before drilling holes in the metal, it should stake the place (make a small indentation). Work on the tree need to keep at a high speed and with Plexiglas or porcelain - using drills at low speeds.

Hammer drilling is not performed when possible cracking of the material (e.g., ceramic tile or tiles), and the proximity of the edges of the walls.

When the hole in the ceiling, on the drillYou can wear a plastic half a tennis ball, which is a container for collecting the falling dust. Percussion drill mode is not recommended to use often, because it leads to a rapid release of her failure.</ H2>

work Rules

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While working with the impact drill is necessary:
- To keep it so that a hand was on the drilling axis and perpendicular to rukoyatke-
- Rotational speed set in accordance with the diameter of the drill, the larger the diameter, the less it should be speed-
- Does not change the direction of rotation of the tool and its mode of operation, if the engine vklyuchen-
- Drilling of metals, ceramic tile, wood at low revs (this is important if you do through holes, since it is necessary to obtain a neat edge) -
- Do not apply the reverse rotation of the cartridge for the extraction of material from the drill - this can cause it to break (reverse rotation allowed the extraction of screws and bolts) -

The mechanism of the hammer drill is short-lived. Its parts eventually wear out, and it is from the shock turns into a normal.

- Keep ventilation openings on the tool body.
In accordance with the feedback of persons working with impact drills, we can say that there are no difficulties when using them does not arise.</ H2>

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