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How to use the hair iron

How to use the hair iron

Hair iron - universal devices that can dry and smooth hair, give them a shine and silkiness.

Choose a modern model, does not burn and do not harm strands hair.

You will need

  • - utyuzhok-
  • - comb-
  • - Terminals for hair-
  • - Overload styling materials-
  • - Moderate nail fixation.



Select the appropriate model ironing. The best option - a modern device with ceramic plates, it does not burn and does not dry the hair. For thick and long hair need models with larger plates, thin and short hair suit more miniature devices.


Never straighten wet hair - hair ironcan help retain moisture and make them too brittle. In order not to damage the beauty of the hair, pull the strands of no more than 2-3 times a week - in the rest of the time, use a smoothing moisturizer.


Wash your hair, treat them with air conditioning,lifts the excess of static electricity, and rinse thoroughly. Blot strand towel and comb comb with a few teeth. Dry the hair dryer, turned on hot air mode. Then, apply a means for laying with thermal protection - mousse, spray or cream. Spread means along the entire length strands.


Most of the hair fix hairpins, leavingfree strands at the back - it is with them and not start processing. Heat the iron is. Separate one a narrow strand and hold it between the plates. Slowly lead the unit from the roots to the ends of the hair. If you want to give your hair volume, allot a hand to the side, keeping the iron is parallel to the floor.


Finished with one strand, take the next one. During processing, the protective layer can be refreshing spray. As required, free the hair from pins - first of their back, then locks at the temples. The last thing a person pull the curls.


In the process of straightening hair sprinkledprocessed strands varnish mild fixation. After finishing the work in the form to the parting, if necessary correct beaten out hair and again sprinkle with lacquer hair. Instead of varnish can be used in a spray shine.


Turn off the hair iron and let it cool. Then wipe the plate with a soft cloth, removing from them the remnants of mousse and spray. Remove the instrument deposited in the special case - it will help to keep it in working condition.

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