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How to use the additive Gelakan Darling Dog

Active and large dogs are especially necessary to care for the joints

Complex preparation "Gelakan Darling" (country of origin - Czech Republic) is specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system in adult dogs.

There are several types of 'Gelakana ", each ofwhich with its unique composition is achieving its goal: to grow a healthy puppy, prepare the dog to the show, to prevent the weakening of the body females during gestation and nursing puppies.

The active ingredients of the drug

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The basis of "Gelakana" of hydrolyzatecollagen, connective tissue which restores the cartilage, bones and tendons. Vitamin C helps the absorption of collagen hydrolyzate and vitamin E helps form collagen and elastin fibers of the connective tissue.

In dry food, even of the highest class does not contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Maintain the health of the dog need specialized veterinary drugs.

sodium selenite has a protective function whenrheumatoid diseases. Calcium is the basis of bones, and magnesium helps the absorption of calcium. Phosphorus normalizes energy metabolism and the body's life support.

Prevention is better than cure

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"Gelakan Darling" is fighting with the cause of the disease- Destruction of cartilage. It is effective in various diseases of the tendons, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, impaired joint mobility, limb injuries.
The drug is able to partially restoredamaged as a result of the surface of dysplasia of the hip joints. This eliminates the constant pain and improve the quality of life of the animal. After "Darling Gelakan" operations are used for the rapid healing of wounds.

Veterinarians are advised to regularly give the drugprophylactically to the dog as long as possible to remain active and vigorous. If this was not done in a timely manner, you should start receiving at the first sign of the disease, so as not to lose time. Restoration of the connective tissue is slow, so do not wait for the results sooner than two to three months after the beginning of reception.

How to use the drug?

To begin receiving "Gelakan Darling" should be acalculating the dose given to the dogs. Depending on the dog's weight daily house will range from 0.13 to knife death to 3 scoops. The drug is injected into the animal's diet with daily doses of one-eighth. During the week the reception is necessary to gradually reach a daily dose of "Gelakan Darling."
it is necessary to completely dissolve the powder in front of the receptionwater. It can be added to regular food or to give a drink with plenty of water. If the dog refuses to take the medication, should reduce the dose to get used to the new taste, and then increase back to normal again. When complete renunciation can be added to a solution of "Gelakana" half a teaspoon of honey.

Minimum recommended course of reception "Gelakan Darling" - 2 month. Courses should be repeated 2-3 times a year. In special cases, the possible continuous drug.

Since "Gelakan Darling" is a completely balanced formulation, it can not be combined with other vitamin and mineral complexes that the animal did not have an overdose.

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