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How to use stabilized flowers in the interior


How to use stabilized flowers in the interior</a>

Recently, designers all over the world have foundA great alternative to living flowers. For the decoration of the interior of public places and private houses, a new floral product, stabilized flowers, is increasingly used.

Impregnated with a special composition, the stabilized plants retain their freshness for many years.

How can you use stabilized flowers to decorate the interior of office space?



Wall from stabilized plants. It is also called a green or living wall. It is created on the basis of stabilized moss, which is fastened with floristic glue on a flat surface. Then it creates a composition of stabilized flowers or leaves.


The wall is large enough, maybemobile. Care of it is a regular cleaning of dust. With this, a hair dryer with cold air can handle it well. Stabilized flowers in the interior - beautiful and easy to care for.


The green picture is a green wall in miniature. It is created from stabilized moss using stabilized colors. Small pictures can decorate all office space. And all members of the team will be able to enjoy the pictures in their workplaces. And this is a good gift to the head or employee for the anniversary.


Stabilized tree. The use of green spaces in the interior of offices in recent years is very popular. They have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, which is important in the modern rhythm of life and private stressful situations.


Mini-gardens use for relaxation of their ownEmployees are the most advanced managers. Stabilized trees are suitable for this purpose better than other floristic objects. They do not need frequent care, they do not wilt. They can take a place in the most shady corners of the premises. And most importantly, they are natural.

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