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HOW to use stabilized flowers in the interior

How to use a stable color in the interior

Recently, designers have found all over the worldexcellent alternative to living color. For the interior decoration of public places and private homes are increasingly using new floral product - stabilized flowers.

Impregnated special composition, stabilized plants retain their freshness for many years.

How, then, can be used stabilized flowers for interior decoration of office space?



Wall of preserved plants. It is also called the green or living wall. Created on the basis of stabilized moss that attaches floral adhesive on a flat surface. Then it creates a composition of preserved flowers or leaves.


Wall sufficiently large in size, can bemobile. Caring for her is to regularly cleaned of dust. With this well to cope with the cold air hair dryer. Stabilized flowers in the interior - it is beautiful and easy to care for.


Green pattern - a green wall in miniature. It is created from a stabilized moss using preserved flowers. Small paintings can decorate any office space. And all members of the team will be able to enjoy zkokartinami at their workplaces. And it's a good gift for the manager or employee of an anniversary.


Stable tree. The use of green space in the interior offices recently very popular. They have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, which is important in today's hectic lifestyle and private stressful situations.


Mini gardens are used for their relaxationemployees the most advanced leaders. Stabilized trees suitable for this purpose better than other floral objects. They do not require frequent maintenance, do not fade. They can take place in many parts of the shading facilities. And most importantly - they are natural.

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