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HOW to use sleeping tea brew

How to use sleeping tea brew

A good hostess gift is not lost anything - even a seemingly useless thing as sleeping tea leaves!

Most people throw it, and thrifty hostess come up with many ways to its beneficial use.

Fertilizers and soil drainage

And for indoor plants, and gardeninglandings sleeping tea leaves is an excellent fertilizer and drain substrate. To do this, you need to dry the tea leaves asleep on a sieve or grid, to collect a sufficient amount of it and then mix it with soil in a flower pot or in the garden.

Carpet cleaner, carpets and upholstered furniture

Sleeping tea leaves has the ability toabsorb dust and dirt - just like wet sawdust. To clean and freshen the carpet or fabric upholstery, to distribute the wet tea leaves on the surface to be cleaned, wait 10 minutes, then wipe the whole brew brush or broom. This is a wonderful option of wet cleaning, when the space is cleared not only by visible particles of dust and dirt, but also on the microscopic and very harmful fine dust, wet tea leaves which attracts over.

Compress for the eyes</ P>

Tea bags can be used, but they,Unfortunately, often contain dyes and other chemicals. Therefore it is better to use natural sleeping tea leaves, tea leaves wrapped in gauze or tissue. The wrap should be sufficiently vlazhnym- if you want to steam and soften the skin, then compress should be warm, and for the resolution of the dark circles under the eyes - on the contrary, the cold: the tea leaves before use can be put in the fridge.

Odour</ P>

It happens that when cooking dishes with persistentodor, such as fish, pot or pan absorbs the smell, and it is not long weathered. In this case, can be folded into a bowl sleeping tea brew, add a little water, boil for 2-3 minutes and cool. Pour the contents of the saucepan or frying pan into the sewers and then wash in the usual way.


The hike or a picnic sleeping tea leavescan help out in unexpected circumstances. If a re-boil the tea leaves, it can be obtained broth to wash your hands and even wash the wound - it has disinfecting properties.

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