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How to use skylink

How to use skylink

Skylink - a cellular communication operator of CDMA 450 standard.

The emission of these phones is much lower than in the GSM standard, that is, they are not as harmful as the GSM-phones. For the user, this is a big plus.

Due to the larger radius of coverage of one base station deployment and maintenance of CDMA 450 networks is much cheaper than GSM networks.

For this reason, "Skylink" is able to offer low-cost fares.

How to use the Skylink?

You will need

  • - Phone with support for CDMA-450 technology
  • - Modem operating on EV-DO CDMA standard technology



A significant drawback of the operatorIt is the total absence of modern mobile phones. Because of the small user base of CDMA 450 phones cost of production is quite high. Therefore, new models are not uncommon and are of good quality. Nevertheless, use of Skylink profitable. The operator offers unlimited calling comfortable, suitable for both small businesses and individual users. "Sky Link" is an appropriate choice if you need an inexpensive cellular or direct number. Sami phones this operator is quite expensive, but not necessarily to buy them. Choose a phone that supports the use of Skylink. Indeed Ubiquam quality brand model.


In the "Sky Link" is also a wireless serviceInternet access to 2.4 megabits per second with good quality and high-speed coverage in Moscow and the Moscow region. Prices, however, are also quite high compared to the operators of the "Big Three." Skylink has coverage in many other regions of Russia. If you need a wireless internet connection from the "Skylink" operator, connect it using a modem that will send and receive data on EV-DO technology in CDMA standard.


How to become a client of "Skylink" operator? To connect Skylink mobile purchase a package that includes a special R-UIM-card directly into the "Skylink" sales offices or other mobile retailers, such as ION's, Euroset and others. You also need the phone with support for CDMA-450 technology, which can be purchased from the company Skylink, or ordered from a third-party sellers.


What do I need to connect to the internet from Skylink?
This requires:
- Laptop or PC with Windows XP or more pozdnih-
- Select a suitable tariff plan-
- Choose a modem Skylink, available on the website operatora-
- Order a free online store or pick up everything yourself.

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