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How to use skylink


How to use skylink </a>

Skylink is a cellular communication operator of the CDMA 450 standard.

The radiation of such phones is noticeably lower than in the GSM standard, that is, they are not as harmful as GSM phones. For the user this is a big plus.

Due to the greater coverage radius from one base station, deployment and maintenance of CDMA 450 networks is noticeably cheaper than GSM networks.

For this reason, Skylink is able to offer inexpensive tariffs.

How to use Skylink?

You will need

  • - phone with CDMA-450 technology support
  • - modem, working on EV-DO technology in the CDMA standard



A significant disadvantage of this operatorIs the complete absence of modern mobile phones. Due to the small user base of CDMA 450, the cost of producing phones is quite high. Therefore, new models are created rarely and do not have good quality. And nevertheless, it's profitable to use Skylink. The operator offers convenient unlimited tariffs, suitable both for small businesses and for individual users. "Skylink" is an appropriate choice if you need cheap cellular or direct number. The phones themselves are quite expensive, but they are not necessary to buy. Select a phone that supports Skylink. Really high-quality models of the brand Ubiquam.


Skylink also has wirelessInternet up to 2.4 megabits per second with good coverage and high speed in Moscow and the Moscow region. Prices, however, are also quite high in comparison with the operators of the Big Three. Radio coverage Skylink is also in many other subjects of the Russian Federation. If you need wireless Internet from the operator "Skylink", connect it using a modem that will receive and transmit data using EV-DO technology in the CDMA standard.


How to become a customer of the operator "Skylink"? To connect Skylink mobile communications, buy a package of services, including a special R-UIM card, directly at Skylink sales offices or other mobile retailers such as ION, Euroset and others. You will also need a phone with CDMA-450 technology, which can be purchased from Skylink, or ordered from third-party vendors.


What is necessary in order to connect to the Internet from Skylink?
This requires:
- a laptop or personal computer with Windows XP or later-
- choose the appropriate tariff plan-
- choose one of several Skylink modems available on the operator's website -
- to order for free in the online store or to collect everything yourself.

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