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USE scrub

Use a scrub

Using scrub procedure is more gentle as compared with other types of cleaning.

It can be easily made at home.

Scrubs remove dead cells from the skin and renew it.

One way to support the body's skin in good shapeIt is to use body scrubs. Use a scrub for the skin is called peeling. As a result of its use becomes a cleansing from dead cells. After one such procedure, you can immediately feel the skin begins to breathe. The result is visible at once - skin is surprisingly smooth, smooth and velvety.

Perform body peeling skin procedurewe recommend no more than once a week. This is due to the fact that the exfoliating substance, or so-called abrasive particles in the composition scrubs, and can be large enough to injure the skin if too often perform the procedure. In addition to cleansing, exfoliation procedure gives some massage effect that improves blood circulation in skin and overall skin appearance.

The stores of cosmetics to choose from buyersIt presents a large number of various scrubs, various cost. But no matter how much they cost, the problem at all one - body care. That is why a homemade scrub is not worse than the stores.

As a basis we can take any cream, gel or the mostcommon cosmetic clay. So, for dry skin it is best suited on the basis of cream for oily or mixed more suitable clay base. The abrasive particles can be very diverse: coffee grounds, bones of various berries, nut shells, sea salt, dried and milled in a coffee grinder bits of citrus peel, and so on - all that could be suitable for this purpose.

Before the procedure, you need to take a shower peeling andWash the whole body loofah. Better yet, take a hot bath, and visit bath or sauna at all ideal for how to steam the body and prepare the skin for the procedure. Thereafter, smooth peeling means for massaging the whole body is applied and left for a few minutes, then washed first with warm and then cold water. Make no mistake, your skin after such a withdrawal will thank you.

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