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USE pavers to create tracks in landscape design

The use of pavers to create tracks in landscape design

The tracks on the site allows not only easy to navigate, but also make the entire landscape design attractive and complete.

To create a track, you can use different materials, but the most popular is the paving stones, due to its durability and reliability.

Paving stone is highly durable andunpretentiousness. The tracks of this material are used for a long time and does not lose its appeal. Besides paving refers to the safe and environmentally friendly materials.

If necessary, the track of the pavers can beeasy to disassemble, for example if necessary to carry out any underground work. If part of the track was damaged, restore it very easily - complete replacement of the track is not required.

Different colors, many shapes and sizes - this is another reason for the popularity pavers. This material can be used for narrow paths winding forms, and for wide avenues.

To harmoniously fit into the cobbleslandscape design, you need to decide on her appearance. Cobbles may mimic natural stone, can be very smooth, tiled or curly. Additionally, the material can be divided into 3 types: Chopped cobbles, sawn or ogoltovannaya.
Chopped cobbles have an uneven shape on itsurface has convex portions. Stack this paving can be manually or with special equipment. If the installation is done on their own, to do the gaps as narrow as possible to the track during the operation did not lose stability.
Sawn paving is different smooth shape with a smooth surface, whereby it is easy to mount.

During the manufacture of paving ogoltovannoy its surface carefully aligned and polished. The material obtained is very smooth and at the same time very strong.

Lay the paving stones you can own, butkeep in mind that this is a complex process with its nuances (ground conditions, the appointment of the track), so you need to weigh the pros and cons. If in any doubt in their abilities better to turn to professionals, because of the correct laying it depends on durability, strength and appearance of the future facility.

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