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HOW to use old makeup

How to use old makeup

Women can not resist the temptation to buy next advertised mascara, eye shadow or any other cosmetics.

But what to do with the tube, whose shelf life came to an end?

How to use the delayed cosmetics

Carefully study the shelf life of cosmeticsbefore the purchase. The fact is that most creams, lipsticks and other necessary means for the beauty of women have a small shelf life. Enjoy outstanding makeup is not necessary, not only because it is poorly lie on the skin (sprinkled mascara, eye shadow roll), but also because it can be dangerous to health.

If you suddenly notice that some of the means of cosmetics has changed the smell, color or consistency - do not use it despite the fact that the shelf life can be normal.

The dry nail polish, pencils overdueand eye liner, as well as all kinds of shade - excellent material for creative work and work with children. Use these tools to paint and graffiti on handicrafts made of wood or paper.
Old fine loose powder in handy on the farm at harvest for storage of rubber footwear. Use it as talc, powdered boots.
Chapstick or transparent balmslips will find a second life on the shoe shelf. After all, they can lubricate the leather and leatherette shoes. Funds will protect it from moisture and will add luster and shine.

The shelf life of lipstick - for about three years, and the mascara is stored only 3 months.

Overdue shampoos, balms, conditioners, andalso all kinds of shower gels - a great alternative to detergent. Few people know that the shampoo provides a more delicate washing woolen clothes. Pour some strong-smelling shower gel in the toilet tank, and the air in the bathroom would be nice fragrance throughout the day.

Little tricks

Disposing of expired eye shadow palette, leave out from under them. It is useful to store crumbled eyeshadows and rouge or powder.
Dried wipes handy to wipe the dust off the desk or car dashboard.
Instead of oil to the cuticle, you can uselip balm. It perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. [Box # 3] (old lipstick - a great tool to write lover intriguing message on the glass.)
Brushes used from carcasses can be washed and used to separate lashes. They are also good to clean the fingernails during a manicure.
Old toothbrush - a great tool for cleaning jewelry.

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